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Understand your potential risk and reward


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Understand your potential risk and reward

When you are placing a deal there is a chance that you will be wrong and the market will move against you. It's a good idea when going into each trade to know your potential risk, and to be aware of any exit levels either to bank a profit, or to cut a loss. There are a host of things you can rely on, but some of the most important points are below:

  1. Know your risks and have an understanding of the wider market. If there is a big macro economic data release or an important political event it's important to understand this could effect the market. Keep an eye on our Morning Call to keep up to date with the market news.

  2. Think about setting stops or guaranteed stops on your trade. A number of different options are available on the IG deal ticket, including advanced stop options which trail behind the market if it moves in your favor. 

  3. Not every trade you place will be a winning trade. Learn to take losses when the market moves against you, and if you think the market is going to continue to move further against you it's financially better to book a loss on the current trade and re-enter the market when it's at a better level. 

  4. Avoid emotional trading - reacting badly to a loss is just as bad as reacting euphorically to a winning trade. Some people also trade worse if they are tired or stressed, or have other things going on in their day to day lives. 

  5. Don't place a deal just because other traders are as well. Know your own risk and make a trade plan accordingly. 




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    • This content is based on my personal opinion and not a financial advise for readers hence ensure you DYOR before investing. Resources: https://www.odaily.news/en/newsflash/380143 No doubt memecoin has seen tremendous adoption over the last 6 with more capital inflowing into the memecoin sector. The artificial intelligence sector and RWA sector is another sector that looks promising but the crazy gains recorded from memecoin in the first quarter of the year might have been the reason for investors to shift their focus to memecoin.  With BTC only managing 48% gain since the beginning of 2024, tokens like WIF, PEPE and floki surged by 1300%, 815% and 392% respectively. Among the top 10 tokens, BGB the native token of Bitget was the only exchange token to find it's way up returning 100% to investors in 6 months. While the second half of the year hold a lot of promise due to anticipation of BTC post halving bullrun, a lot of investors are looking to invest in a tokens with decent ROI potential and memecoin looks the best option to many. Not disputing the crazy gains that might comes with investing in memecoin, the risk of losing it all is also higher especially investing in new memecoins. Considering the continuous growth, expansion and ecosystem development of Bitget, BGB holds a great potential with minimal risk compared to memecoin. Additionally, the entry point is still very great for both new and old investors. What sectors do you think will lead in the bullrun proper? Will memecoin still lead the year or will AI, Gaming, RWA pull a surprise. Share your thoughts.
    • Yeah! I think I would have to agree with you on this as I have benefited a lot from the event this recent times & I have plans of leveraging the event for a long time.
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