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IQ- All the answers to your Web3 curiosities in one platform

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As the cryptocurrency market expands, it becomes more complex to find reliable information on certain projects or niche. This complexity compels traders or investors to engage in the tedious task of consulting various channels to gain relevant information to effect favourable decisions. 

As a solution, cryptocurrency encyclopedia has been invented to deliver an encompassing source of knowledge for crypto enthusiasts. While a few may exist, IQ GPT has been introduced as the world’s first AI crypto search engine to allow users start up or steady their crypto journey and glide effortlessly.

Comprising of different categories like Cryptocurency, NFTs, DeFi, DAO. etc IQ GPT users get to explore their boundless web3 curiosities, and enjoy a more discoverable and accessible blockchain with reliable insights into intricate terms, live market trends, and breaking news in all the categories readily available.

To fully explore the ecosystem, free access is given to IQ token ($IQ) holders, who can also participate in governance, staking and other varying token utilities. $IQ also provides a decent investment opportunity, having listed on Bitget where a trade-to-share event has been affixed to incentivize traders. 

The crypto market can be overwhelming especially for newbies; this in my opinion is an ideal way to use the efficiency of AI to facilitate the seamless navigation of the space.

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    • Yes Goldenbrown, I think you make a good point about being careful when trading.  In my opinion, only trades which are calculated to have a high probability of being correct should be placed. DAX is a market that can look daunting at first, but after a lot of study and experience with it, I have found it to be easier than the others. If you would like to see the answers to your other points, please see my IG Community Profile. Best regards.
    • Renzo leads the charge in revolutionizing staking protocols through the implementation of EigenLayer. This pioneering approach streamlines user re-staking while addressing concerns regarding operator selection and reward management. Participants stake ETH and earn APR from both native and EigenLayer restaking, receiving ezETH tokens—liquid assets for DeFi. Renzo's vision extends to interoperability across Ethereum and Layer 2 chains like Arbitrum, Linea, Mode, Base, BNB, and OKX, ensuring accessibility across diverse ecosystems.Renzo's standout feature lies in the ezETH token's appreciation over time, driven by promised APR, potentially offering superior returns. Seamlessly integrated into DeFi liquidity pools and lending protocols, ezETH provides diversified earning avenues. Compared to similar projects, Renzo distinguishes itself with its innovative liquid staking and interoperability. Supported by investments from Binance Labs and OKX Ventures, Renzo's listing on exchanges like Bitget further solidifies its significance. With 10% allocated for ETH stakers, Renzo fosters community engagement.Eager to explore how Renzo's liquid staking model stacks up against traditional staking? Let's delve into the details!"    
    • I just cheeked my positions and it is now closed. I am guessing it was a time delay between the moment when the markets closed and the moment when the position closed ( about 30 min difference) when the options was still showing as an opened position and with the next day expiry (25)
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