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  1. Would this be useful to anyone, Prevailing market sentiment graphs? I have found a lot of good success using this method trading stocks. It makes use of the Hull Moving Average. Not just using the Hull Moving average however but I have found that it is surprisingly accurate. Would this be useful to anyone? I will update these graphs most days if people find it interesting for both the FTSE100 and FTSE250 with general market sentiment. I have annotated the graphs so that if the prevailing sentiment is up/long it will show in green and if it's down/short then it will show as red. I can produce other graphs for individual stocks if there is enough interest. Feel free to fork, update, message me for any questions etc. Graphs
  2. Sometimes it does go down, Around market closing times mainly but I suspect they use it as a test platform when developing software etc.
  3. LOL.....No. It's the new safe haven asset. It might be the new mans gold. But ... no.
  4. Doesn't matter, Just make sure you use HMA it's less of a lagging indicator. I use something similar not exact on UK Shares.
  5. Yes, Best thing I have found in terms of data source. The Stockrank is well... Top Rank. It's easy for newbies they do all the hard work.
  6. The app was on it's **** for most part, Login problems. So yeah I did some trades but through the API. Website and App was broke intermittently
  7. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/most-major-retail-brokerages-are-suiffering-outages To be fair IG Didn't do any better, I hope they learned a lesson.
  8. I didn't know you could do that. True, That's true. However I have setup the PDF to be updated directly by API calls so you would see it wort's and all.
  9. Hi, I have posted some ideas of a trading strategy earlier on. Here is a months worth of data with live trades, I hope to update it going forward. https://github.com/spreadbet-trader/trading-files Any questions let me know.
  10. That link is spam. The ESMA has said 50% leverage min.
  11. I have a mix of both, So I have my algo putting trades on completely autonomously through the IG Index API on my server that is completely unmonitored other than network connectivity etc...then I monitor it most of the day through the IG App. That way it takes out the emotions of the trade, I monitor the overall health of the market and then I can close positions early if I feel they are running the wrong way or if they are in profit and won't go higher.
  12. Yeah in answer to your original question. Yes. that’s the entire aim of my trading algos. That way they trade on a perceived pattern. Rightly or wrongly. It’s then my job to optimise the pattern through testing etc.