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  1. Good Question, So The top is the NUMBER of Institutions holding short positions. The Bottom is the PERCENTAGE of capital. So ONE trader might hold an extraordinarily large position as an example, That would make it into the list. However multiple institutions might hold small percentage of trades making it into the list also. That's why I do a summary. The summary is an intersection of the lists to make sure that they are shorted by many and the percentage is high also. One trader might not necessarily be right but if multiple traders hold a lot of positions you can bet your dollar that it is for a reason. Overall it has been a very profitable strategy.
  2. This argument is as old as time itself. There is no right answer. Time, Discipline and proper money management are the three big things for me. It's took me almost a decade to become profitable. I know what my turning points were and what certainly helped with me. The two biggest helps were the Naked Trader and Stockopedia. Worth it though. Fascinating Subject if you get into it, Not just a get rich quick scheme. Albeit a shameless plug I release some of my trading algorithms I have played about with for free so people can take them, use them, change them and do what they like with them. You'll find them all over if you go looking. I also post regularly under different names over on the Reddit investment boards.
  3. There would be no dividend from the FTSE100. The FTSE100 is made up of the top 100 company's in the UK. Perhaps if you have share's in one or more of them you might be due a pay out. Check here. https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/dividend-payment-dates.py?m=ftse100
  4. Red means it would be down on the day, Green would mean its up on the day.
  5. Interesting thread, I've not read all of it granted BUT all I can say is this. If you are treating it as a get rich quick scheme then you are the fool. If you are doing it to learn it and make a good go of it and put the work in then it can be rather rewarding and you can have alot of interesting conversations with people along the way. I have been doing lots of investing over a decade and I still thoroughly enjoy it the same I did when I first started. Sure I have had some frustrating moments but just ask anyone who has not had a frustrating day in their life. Check my Github pages I release some trading bits and bobs and I generally help people who are willing to help themselves. One thing that helped me no end was The Naked Traders guide to spread betting. Good Luck!
  6. Hi, Yes you are right. So I have made some minor tweaks to it, I count up the highest volume and highest number of investors and say pick the top 10. If the companies intersect both lists they are shorted multiple investors and a high percentage of their fund is short, They make the bottom list that is the summary list at the bottom. I am working on putting this into the API it automatically trades (shorts) for me on IG Index. Github is just just really a file-store for the purpose of this project. I am just using it as a central store so nothing special about Github in that respect. The log files are tagged per time generated. Hope this helps!
  7. I have released a project that will most likely be updated once or twice a day, The updates are self explanatory, A list of the most shorted stocks by Institutional Investors in the UK. Split up into how many institutional investors are short on a stock and by the volume and an amalgamated list of of most shorted stocks. https://github.com/tg12/most_shorted_stocks Again this is a series of my own projects. Not affiliated by IG and no guarantees etc. Feedback and comments welcome. Hope you enjoy it.
  8. I have released a Python fully automated Litecoin trading system, The idea is that the barrier to entry is quite low. A fun project for anyone wanting to get into trading Crypto or learning the IG Index API or programming. Take a look, It's free and open source and building on some of my other successful projects with the IG Index API. It is in no way affiliated with IG Index but a fun project that people can use to build up on. Take a look. https://github.com/tg12/F.A.L.T
  9. Scalping would by nye on impossible with IG. Even using the API it would be difficult.
  10. I am no stranger to criticism online but alas I do not let it deter me, I have some loyal followers and some interesting cool people behind me. I put out what I think. People are free to ignore it. People get pissy when there is money at steak.
  11. It took me a while to become ultimately profitable.
  12. Aye, Can do that. To be fair I mainly do stocks. I run a Discord group and Reddit thread to discuss trading/coding with the IG Index API.
  13. 4H over 15M ... It's trading very tightly, Albeit it downward trend.
  14. Having run the numbers with my trading algorithm I have developed with the IG Index API, I thought that I might offer some insight. As always this is my own thoughts, ideas and opinions. It might help some of the newer investors. Let me explain this graph. Whilst I believe I hold some authority around various parts of the internet with regards to this as I have invested alot of time and effort into this system most of the code is released for free, let me attempt to explain. This graph is produced from my own code/trading algo which I am happy to discuss if you so wish. I can do analysis on other stocks, pairs whatever if there is demand for it. The blue dashed line's are the high and low prices for each week, In this case over the last 52 weeks. The green dots are the "Peak Detection Algorithm", As you can see from the graph it is good at predicting when the price will turn around. Each dot representing a turn around in price. The grey area is the VWAP, The Volume Weighted Average Price. The red dashed line is what the price is currently sat at (mid price), As you can also see it is sitting right on a green dot, This is a signal to say that the price is about to turn around. BUT beware. There are ALOT more peaks beneath the VWAP price (Count them) which indicates there is some serious downward pressure there, It's failed to get off the ground. Not many buyers!. I have various rules attached to how this would be traded So my analysis for the next week is such that there will be a quite a down-tick in price (see the last green dot, It's just started), With significant price pressure downwards. Not to mention 4000 been a "Psychological Price barrier" My time is limited but if you wish I can produce graphs based on lower-time frames, Hour's etc to show the turn around points to plan your trades accordingly.
  15. Same thing happened with another stock I am holding, Reach PLC. The price returned to normal the next day after the market opened. I cant imagine their stock will be that high for a while yet ;-). The best source of news for that stock is the Evening Gazette website.