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Nikkei 225 Daily Bets on daily close

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Thanks for your posts regarding the Nikkei (or the Japan 225 on the platform). When you are making your trade decisions what specifically are you looking for? Do you focus on technical analysis or look at the fundamentals as well? What are your thoughts on the Japan 225's ~13% gains over the last couple of months? 

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Just how easy it has been to predict NIKKEI 225 close within 2 minutes of open between September 01 and November 24


November Stats



October Stats



September Stats





Underlined numbers indicate no cross over previous days close / Y means got close right within two minutes of open / N means got close wrong within two minutes of open / = means 50/50




Over 57 trading days 11 mistakes were made using my algorithms of which nine were made when the market opened down


Longest wining sequence using my algorithms 10 Days (HAPPENED ONCE)


Longest loosing sequence using my algorithms 2 Days (HAPPENED ONCE)


Of the 29 days when the price did cross over the previous days close there were seven mistakes using my algorithms


Longest wining sequence using my algorithms crossing over previous days close 9 Days (HAPPENED ONCE)


Longest loosing sequence using my algorithms crossing over previous days close 2 Days (HAPPENED ONCE)


Of the 28 Days when the price did not cross over the previous days close there were four mistakes using my algorithms


Longest wining sequence using my algorithms with no crossing over previous days close 15 Days (HAPPENED ONCE)


Longest loosing sequence using my algorithms with no crossing over previous days close 2 Days (HAPPENED ONCE)


Interesting extra note:


Of the nineteen days out of 57 when the market opened up or down over 100 points only once did it not end in the same direction. Five of the eleven mistakes using my algorythms happened when the market opened up or down over 100 points !!!


Longest winning sequence using my algorythms for market days when markets open up or down over 100 points six days (HAPPENED ONCE)


Longest loosing sequence using my algorythms for market days when markets open up or down over 100 points one day (HAPPENED FIVE TIMES)


Interesting extra note (added Mon 27th Nov.):


My algorythms got it right 27 Nov. I thought it best to stay out of the market because of the statistic above which indicated that if the market opens up or down over 100 points it should close the day in that same diretion i.e there was conflict in my decision making process. 100 points was a psychological figure that I'd chosen. As the market is now between 22,000 and 23,000 I think it would have been better to fix a point in multiples of 22 or 11. Therefore, a move of over 110 (5 x 22) or 121 (11 x 11) may have been a better choice because yesterday Mon. 27th Nov. the market only opened up 106 points. My algorithms would have worked best with 110 but no harm picking 121.


Do you think introducing point and figure charts based on closing and opening prices (secs, mins, hrs, dys, mths) would help ?






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Looking at the big picture I use the numbers 34 500 800 a lot. I do same with my IG charts. Check out the daily Nikkei 225 with these

MA 800 500 34 / MACD 34 500 800 / W%R 800 / MFI 34 / CCI 500 / MOMENTUM 800 wind it back to max and you'll see what I think is a beautiful sight - it's my world barometer. Enjoy !!!!


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