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#Bitcoin at Crossroads: Correction or Crash?

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#Bitcoin at Crossroads: Correction or Crash?


 $BTC sheds 4.44% in 3 days, testing $62k support. Is this a healthy pullback or a sign of things to come?


Mixed signals:


  • Bearish: High long liquidations, April's drop, failed breakout.

  • Bullish: Funding rates positive, RSI hints at comeback, 80% of hodlers waiting for profits (potential buying pressure).


Full analysis: https://coinpedia.org/price-analysis/bitcoin-under-62k-warns-a-10-crash-next-week/


Key question: Will Bitcoin hold $60k? A break below could trigger a further drop. Uptrend's fate hangs in the balance.


#Cryptocurrency #BTC #investing #analysis


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