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cash in without closing a position


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Is it possible to partly cash in on a running profit without closing that position? Or do I have to close it and reopen it in order to realise the funds?


In the time since I opened the position the margin increased which is why i don't want to close it.





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Hi - if you want to release profit from the running profit and loss, then you will need to close the position. If the margin has increased on the trade then irrespective of whether or not you close / reopen, or just leave the trade, then both will margin at the same value. You should also be able to partially close the position if you wish. 


It's worth noting that there isn't any difference between realised and unrealised profit when trading with IG, so apart from the psychological aspect there is no financial gain for doing so. (In fact it works out more expensive as you'd be paying the spread to close / reopen). 

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