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    • starknet seems like an exciting innovation and i hope to put it to use soon!
    • In an attempt to curb one of the integral parts of the blockchain trilemma, L2 frameworks have sprung up as one of the most effective ways of bringing forth scalability and a higher transaction throughput.  Gleaning from the above, numerous attempts have been made. Thus, scaling technologies like Starknet have evolved to boost a faster transaction throughput on the Ethereum network.  Simply put, starknet is a zero knowledge rollup built on the Ethereum network with the inherent capacity to be highly scalable without jeopardizing the security of Ethereum which is the base network.  These ZK rollups operate primarily by bundling transactions into batches to be executed off chain. This reduces the amount of data to be sent to the main chain or base network thus enhancing faster transactions and less gas costs.  The core intent of Starknet lies in its intent to revolutionize scalability without jeopardizing security.  Sometime last year, the projects team announced a 50 million airdrop to its faithfuls, it is glad to see that it has come to fruition.  Consequently, Its native token is called $STRK, upon its launch it received immense traction, the recent inclination shown by top exchange platforms like Bitget and all to list it shows how much of good traction it has garnered.  Being a native token of the Starknet ecosystem, earning it could be by staking and paying of network fees.   Conclusively and taking a cue from Starknet, L2s are a wonderful innovation to grace the crypto landscape and I look forward to its continued growth. 
    • As the crypto market exponentially expands it becomes increasingly difficult for crypto projects to build up and maintain ample liquidity, which is crucial for growth and sustainance in the highly competitive marketplace. Where a few projects have proposed solutions and recorded varying levels of success, the team of VoluMint is confident that their unique innovation and absolute focus on enhancing projects’ market presence will retire liquidity challenges. The goal they claim is to empower crypto projects with automated liquidity and community-driven growth. It remains to be seen if this goal will be attained, however, VoluMint looks set to tackle the issue of liquidity head-on via three different proposed solutions:  – Affordable bot subscription-based service that accommodates projects of all sizes to enhance trading activity and sustain liquidity.  –Bot simulation of organic trading activities across various pairs, enhancing volume and minimizing delisting risks. –Decentralized and unpredictable trading patterns by creating a layer of randomness in trading, making it difficult for detection and manipulation. At the center of everything the team has set out to achieve is vMint (gearing to list on Bitget on 21st February) a token that serves as the central unit of exchange within the VoluMint ecosystem, Bot subscription payment token, holders’ access to governance decisions and advanced features/settings of the bot as well as Staking rewards. Crypto adoption is still impeded by various limitations sadly, and liquidity is one of them. Could VoluMint deliver the long-awaited solution? 
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