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Buffet trading strategy BUY THE DIP

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

Warning :Before using this strategy  read the following link.

Trading leveraged products  can result in losses that exceed deposits. TRADING CARRIES RISK OF LOSS. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take care to manage your exposure.


Why do 95% of traders lose money?




Method using daily and weekly options to trade 





Warren Buffet strategy indices BUY THE DIP is a profitable trading strategy.I use various methods using options to buy the dips on stock market indices.This is trading with an edge!


Profitable Buffet buy the dip strategy  



More information here




practical trading strategy


more videos


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buy the dip.jpgFAILEDbuy the dip.jpg

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So, after two failed strategies you are now pumping a third, you just snatch strategies off forums packed with amateurs one after the other. You never test for anything for yourself, you actually believe the tripe. You would be better off spending the time learning market cycle and discover one size does not fit all. 

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Guest oilfxpro

 You never test for anything for yourself, you actually believe the tripe. ???????????????????




Actually this market cycle is tripe , so why does Warren Buffet not follow it?




What is there to test , when something works for 40 years?


I don't go to private trading forums packed with losers  of the 95% club.






I have done  tests it  did  prove BUY THE DIP  works 80% of the time.


If you look at the chart, the dip works ,  I G forum does not allow excel sheets and tests on them to be posted.


Can you see all the dips on this chart?Most of the option  buys on them worked.What is there to test?




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Sorry everyone I had to give  thumbs up for almost all his postings here, because, in a way learning everything .........is hard work and not everybody has got time and access so I guess it would make sense for some to follow  shortcut (I'm not suggesting shortcuts to the sites he's recommending as I have not viewed them) and leave short selling to others.......

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Excellent question.  You have a clear support zone there so risk is defined and you can get in close to that level so your risk is small but the rewards are potentially very big so even with a low win/loss strike rate the trade is not unreasonable.

But this particular asset has other problems, margin, spread, slippage, Joe Public madness etc.

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Guest oilfxpro



I am just trying to help people, not waste their lives, following blind gurus.Trading is very easy, trend following the indices has worked for last 40 years.If you look at the forex chart eur/usd is what it was 30 years ago.If you look at Dow Jones, it was 1,000  60 years ago and 10,000 30 years ago.


Forex has no appreciation, Dow Jones has 150 % appreciation, buying the dips on a weekly and daily,weekly and monthly basis can generate 100 % a year .


It is good for broker, trader and everybody.It is bad for the snake oil educators , but they can start teaching BUY THE DIP and still make money.

Jim Cramer Tells You How to Trade Like a Professional



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Guest oilfxpro



You are paying 1% spread and overnight costs , gambling on a casino instrument.I am following the trend on Dow and paying 0.5 % on options, but futures spread is 2 ticks.


You have a bigger negative edge on something I can not say has value.



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OK you win. Most people customise (that's the tricky bit), do you customise? I would be a bit worried if you told me you didn't customise because mostly only "black box" traders don't have to customise.

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