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    • Bit of useful information for ya all I did 10 experiments using  the barchart.com over last few months . Ran 2 equally weighted portfolio's  (swing trades <1 week)  10 long positions in one and 10 short positions in another . The stocks were taken at random from their screener, only ones with med - high vol and only ones with a 100% BUY / Sell  on a 'BarChart Opinion' etc  https://www.barchart.com/uk/stocks/signals/top-bottom/top?viewName=main&timeFrame=daily Time frame 1 week, Mon to Fri  Risk / Reward 1: 1.5, stops usually 1 Daily Standard deviation  Results: nothing more than random! 0.45% from memory  Sure I could have fiddled about with limits stops, portfolio weights  etc  but it nothing convinced me that there is any evidence to pursue expert screeners  
    • I have finally got over that psychology issue. I never move stops now except  the odd time in the direction of the trade, to lock in profits (BE). I never risk more that 0.5% on a trade and keep risk /reward to about   1:1.5 I have read a heck of a lot now and follow accepted advice. 20 trades , same strategy , sensible stop say at 1 - 1.5  ATR / 1 BB  or a obvious support and resistance line I don't revenge trade, never get over confident ,screenshot every trade  and keep a detailed log and analyse every trade with notes.  *** HOWEVER The problem is quite simple,   its just not working, I am on a 5th loss in a row on MACD and 200MA , trading in the direction of the trend, using multiple time frames       looking at my logs I tend to agree with this now. I get the initial direction right more that 50% of the time but once i passes the 1:1 , the odds decline rapidly I would only move a stop if the trade moved rapidly, Like a manual trailing stop.  
    • Dropping a short every 15 points could be a good strategy 😜👌 profit takers can’t help them selves lol 😂