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I G forum traders talking to traders

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

On broker forums, there is the risk the broker will market products, into the discussion forums, through various new threads about new products.It is also possible some posters are employed by the broker, to specifically promote new products.


It is also possible, clients are posting about new products they want to see introduced.


With this information in mind, traders should only be influenced by their own analysis and profitability of the trades/systems/instruments they learn on forums.They should not be influenced into trading new krypton currencies that are highly speculative, as a result of new forum threads about these extremely volatile instruments.


Everything is possible in terms of traders being influenced by forum discussions.



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Thanks for the feedback. We are as transparent as possible on IG Community, and we'll make sure anyone who works here will have the IG Staff and icon next to their name, as well as clearly indicate in the appropriate section when new things become available (for example Ripple / new trading platform features etc).


But you are very right - personal analysis and a good understanding of your strategy is incredibly important. 

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Guest oilfxpro

Hi James


You are offering prizes for posting, what I see on your forum, adding more sections will improve the forum from trader's point of view and will encourage more visits.


Take a look at trade2win forums set up here:




There are many sections missing, having more sections will impulsively encourage clicks and visits.The curiosity will inspire the cats to click and visit.


You designed this initial forum from Ig's view and bias, as to what section IG i.e you require in the forum.It still gives the impression of a forum for IG.


The following sections are from a trader's point of view and what traders require to see.I don't need I G forum or any forums, but I thought of showing you a trader's point of view.


ig traders.jpg

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Guest oilfxpro

Will I G ban traders giving a profitable methods, systems, ideas and education?


On private trading forums, If successful traders post free  profitable systems, methods and ideas,  the regular vendors on private forums lose out . Everybody stops buying  their systems, methods and education, so they start attacking the profitable traders,who are giving away good methods etc, who  are banned because the private forum regular educators  can't make money from them.They can't sell any education, because it is freely given away, they don't click advertisements and they make the blind resident forum failures feel guilty of selling useless education i .e scamming.

Who will the private forum educators sell to, if everybody on the forum is profitable,except the regular  failures?.They need learners, failures and new traders to click ads on private forums.The forums get income from ads.





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Guest oilfxpro

Why should I G ban profitable customers?


I would have thought, I G would benefit by having more customers who are profitable, the more new customers they retain the more execution income I g receive, the profitable and long term customers and increasing customer numbers thorough retention can lead to bigger income year after year.



The private forums prefer trading failures,learners and amateurs.The profitable traders don't fit in with private forums,They prefer the failures to keep clicking ads on private forums.




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