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Wider investment strategy

Guest SouthWesterly

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Guest SouthWesterly

I’m a tiny investor but seeing good returns on most of the investments I make.


Two basic approaches.


The main one to invest in companies with a good track record that experienced a sudden drop in share price due to a clear event. Then sell when a predetermined price is reached.


Two examples:


Deepwater Horizon. Bought BP when the shares appeared to have stopped dropping, sold 8 days later at 15% day before it was capped.


Bought ARM stock after announcement iPhone sales were underperforming. Know enough of IT industry to realise that a 10% under expectation from one client doesn’t justify that size of drop for ARM.


Quite often the shares are held till quarterly profit announcements when the big investors re-evaluate price based on the numbers.


The other approach is to buy mining stock which is undervalued, had some success in Cobalt mining (the company went bust and the asset sale raised three times what I paid), also some good results from US gas.


The problem is massively undervalued mining stock, and great performing companies having set backs are rare beasts. At least across FTSE and AIM.


What is my best approach to finding such companies automatically?


Are there other similar strategies that offer smaller returned, but perhaps more opportunities to make those returns?


Also are others following similar strategies seeing smaller returns?

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Hi  - great first post! I know there are a few shares traders on here, and also a couple of people who advocate the 'buy the dip' strategy for businesses who have a solid business model and firm fundamentals. 


I'll leave answering your questions to the wider Community members, but just wanted to say welcome.

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