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[Closed] Contributor of the Month for January 2018


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This competition is now closed and the thread is locked.


The second Contributor of the Month award in December was a success, with a total of £500's worth of gift vouchers and trading books given out. We want to repeat this in January as our way of saying thank you for the Communities continued involvement, assistance, market discussion, and trade idea conversation!


The rules are similar to before. We will be selecting our favorite contributor to the IG community based on both the quantity and quality of their posts. This means the winner won’t necessarily be the person who posts the most messages, but someone who has really helped to bring the community to life.



1st place (the winner) will receive a £200* gift voucher and £50* worth of trading books. ** 

2nd place will receive a £125* gift voucher and £50* worth of trading books. **


Ways to increase your chances of being Contributor of the Month

  • There will be a higher weighting to those who answer other Community members questions and receive 'accepted solutions'. If you answer someone else's question, a mod (or the original poster) will make sure the button is clicked. 
  • Posting quality content across a broad range of topics. 
  • Asking question to IG Community, submitting feedback to IG, and generally getting involved!

3rd place will receive a £75* gift voucher.


If you're new to IG Community, or trading in general, it may be daunting to post trade ideas and market discussion. We have therefore reserved the 3rd place prize for someone who may;

  • Introduces themselves to the IG Community 
  • Submits feedback on IG's offering (e.g. feedback on our platform, apps, deal execution etc)
  • Asks any number of questions they like (e.g. how to trade, how to use a certain feature etc)



We’ll be running this throughout the calendar month of January 2018 with the winner picked at the end of the month. The winner will also have the 'Contributor of the Month' badge added to their profile and a special icon next to your name for the proceeding month so all Community members are aware of your contributions. The competition is subject to our terms and conditions.


If you have any questions please ask below.


All the best
Community Manager


* - Or the AUD, SGD, ZAR equivalent

** - Or a donation of the price sum equivalent to Unicef

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Guest oilfxpro

Those who make money from trading are not here for any prizes, but for relief from the trading bore doom  which most good traders know about.


The only thing that attracts people to forums, is money (solid trade set ups), lulz/entertainment   and killing bore doom., other than IG related enquiries.

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Guest oilfxpro

We are not here for prizes , customers /clients want to see quality content, content that be used to  place trades.Unfortunately this site is getting crowded with technical analysis, most of it is unusable, something which will make it difficult to find quality trade set ups.


It is heading in the same direction as private forums, where everybody is discussing 50,000 threads of mainly useless misinformation.They are just wasting their time on it. 


This sort of competition should aim for prizes with quality content with trade able analysis. This is my opinion on it.


This competition is more for the benefit of I G forum , It should be aimed at  what customers required  i.e trading ideas in a trading forum,  it is currently IG's forum for I G.   Why would you see traders wanting to read 40 different topics on technical analysis that can notbe traded by real traders?

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Guest oilfxpro

Who is really interested in either opinions of others or any subjective technical analysis , profitable trading is very simple, analysis is a form of opinion.The idea is to keep trading simple K I S S without adding any more complexity.


I don't look for ideas from I g , and would not take any suggestion  from any anybody else, but I don't expect seasoned skilled traders are here for lessons on technical analysis or price action trends.They can see it on the pro real time charts, without subjective opinions .


One person may find opening 50 threads of opinions on his trading style and instruments , that is quantity but not quality. Already it is difficult to find quality threads, without wasting so much time going through quantity.


I have already seen two very poor technical analysis threads, that will lose money or lost money, on this forum.Whilst  there are good technical analysis threads, the recent increased activity in poor non  trade able analysis has increased.In the long run traders will lose money, following these analysts, once bitten twice shy these traders will run  from the forum.This is neither in the long term interests of customers or I G , who eventually will lose out on consistent spread income, in the long run.


The reason I posted here, is the prizes should be for quality, I am probably not the person who deserves any prizes, but I already see new posters aiming for quantity. we would like to see an improvement in quality.



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