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Hello Everyone


Who would like to see Trailing Stops available via the PRT Quick Access Interface?


For some reason IG do not provide the above function and yet it is available and has been for over 18 months (or is it 21/2 years?) on the PRT provided version (v10.2 -****)


it shows as a 3rd button under the 'Stops' options as shown in the attached image (IG platform only has 2 Stop icons / options).


Anybody else noticed this, might usefully use this function, finds it annoying it's not there or would at a minimum like to know why it's not available?




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Ha ... I wouldn't mind betting that IG don't provide Trailing Stops on the 'PRT Quick Access Interface' because of the increase in minimum stop overnight?


Easy solution there for IG is to set the minimum Trailing Stop to be the maximum that Stop goes to overnight?


I trade the Dax a lot and minimum Stop in the day is 6 points and it goes to 12 or so overnight ... so, as an example, make minimum Trail Stop allowed as 12 for 24/7 ??


All comments appreciated.


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Thanks for sharing your idea about the quick access interface on the ProRealTime platform. You may be interested to hear that we only recently had a meeting with the team at ProRealTime about the changes we may see in the future and going through the feedback we get about what we offer. 


The trailing stops feature is something that many traders do derive a lot of value out of and so rest assured I will echo the point you have made directly to the technical team at ProRealTime. 


I do hope that helps and I would like to encourage any feedback that you may have as we thrive on such creative ideas. 


Speak again soon! 

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Unfortunately the Trailing Stop don't always trailing on PRT or ProOrder and I have raised this issue last year via Tweeter.


See the image for today failure of TrailingStop of 64 pips and current profit is over 40pips and no trailing activities.TrailingStop.png

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