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Managing open position - poor visability of chart on UI

Guest HoneyBees

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Guest HoneyBees



New to forum and I have a question on new platform.

FYI at first i couldn't stand it but now i see its potential and am using it full time!


One thing i really don't like though is when I open a position and want to manage it using 'Positions' button ('Up & Down arrows' on left hand side),  the chart screen in the background is immediately greyed out and becomes difficult to see the chart screen which for myself is a BIG distraction and very irritating at the critical point of any trade!!

Is there an option to keep this from happening and staying the same background?


Alternatively my suggestion and a much better option for this new platform is using the old platform way of a 'tear off ticket' which had the option to change position size / halve position etc.


The way it is now is too much hassle...I cant believe I'm the only person to have mentioned this!?!


Please advise


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Hi  - welcome to IG Community! I appreciate that a UI change (especially one as big as the trading platform has seen) can sometimes take a while to get used to. I'm glad you have come to like it though, and like you said, really see it's potential. 


In regards to the second point, you can add this to the 'non greyed out' screen by using the 'add to workspace' button. 


2018-01-19 09_36_37-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png


This should result in the following which you can then resize and place anywhere on your screen. (kinda hard to see on my 'black' theme, but it's there on the left hand part of the screen. 


2018-01-19 09_39_37-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png


I hope I interpreted your question correctly! 

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