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Candlestick chart patterns

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I am the first to admit that I am a bit of a novice when it comes to looking at candlestick chart patterns.  I consider these to be very important when deciding when to enter or exit a market.


I wonder if others would mind putting up a chart with a particular chart pattern with an explanation of what the significance is for the pattern.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi FiringSquad13,


Have you taken a look at our introduction to technical analysis, found here?


We also have a couple videos on our youtube channel on different candlesticks -



Hope this helps!

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Hi FiringSquad13,


I have contacted the market analysts regarding this and they are going to create some more soon. Once I get some specifics regarding this I will let you know!

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Guest idabida

Hi, I hope you can see this chart:


5 min chart.png


Trade entered at break of 5 min Pin Bar at 08:45. LOW of bar is 10624.8

Move STOP as shown and EXIT trade at 10:25. HIGH is 10584.3

40 pips (roughly)


Price is trending DOWN

You could have exited at 09:50 or 09:55 when two pin bars appeared in opposite direction for about 60 pips

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