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  1. The IG Academy App is very good for anyone new to trading and investing. Practice on the demo account and see where you go right and where you go wrong. For me, reviewing your trades is essential to success. think about why you entered and exited the market at that particular time. And what would have happened if you had let the trade run longer. I did that and found that I was entering the market too soon and didn't wait long enough for a chart indicator to fully form and confirm the trend.
  2. The daily and 4 hour chart looks very bullish to me. There is support and a triangle is forming with higher bottoms. Could test the resistence and make around 300 points or so from here.
  3. AIM can be a good market to trade but the biggest advice I can give is this. Make sure you spread the risk across different stocks and sectors. And always use guaranteed stops. AIM will generally move quicker than shares on other markets. A lot of share traders will try bottom fishing but I think this is really risky. From my experience AIM shares tend to move more on fundamentals and sentiment than on the charts.
  4.  Good question. I think the 3 hardest choices to make when trading are Deciding what to trade When to enter the trade When to exit I suppose it depends what kind of a trader you are. Do you trade based on fundamentals or using technical analysis? I tend to trade using TA. A simple way to trade might be to buy on the lows and sell on the highs. More advanced techniques might be using some other indicators such as the RSI. Buy when it drops to 30 and sell when it crosses 70. But my best piece of advice ........ go with your gut instinct. If you are thinking that a trade is about to go against you, then close out. Any profit is good.
  5. Thanks I'll give it a try when I'm next on the platform.
  6.  thanks for that. I currently get them through my bank but Im closing my trading account with them and was looking for an alternative. My bank email the text of the RNS rather than just alert. Do investigate do that too?
  7. I think it would be a real improvement for share traders if RNS alerts could be available. Either by mobile push, email or some other alert. Are there any plans for this?
  8. I think the rally of the last 2 days will be short lived. Still bearish on the FTSE. One to watch for now ....
  9. Things not looking good for the FTSE. If 6030 goes I would expect a drop back below 6000.
  10.  What is really frustrating is that I could see it happening but didnt put the trade on. Actually ended up having to close a few trades today that went against me.
  11. Morning I have a problem with the dealer platform that when I get a quote (stockbroking) I do not see more than 2 decimal places. However on the mobile platform I do. For example, on the delaer platform I get quoted 2.05 on the mobile I get quoted 2.053. See below: Is there anyway this can get sorted so that the price precision is more accurate on the dealer platform. Thanks
  12. Been watching this pair for a while. The hourly shows a bit of support around 12300. A move upwards could see 12340. One to watch if it breaks the support. (Hourly chart)
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