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Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

How many of you are members, what is your opinion on this trading educator marketing site?I go there and read flashes new members and  of  successful profitable traders on the site.


Are these reviews true or fake?Is this site genuine or just an internet marketeers?


Who recommends it?I want to join.Please advise.



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Funny you should mention that, I took a look at the site recently and found it had been completely overhauled and yes, with a move to membership as opposed to the free site with hundreds of educational videos it had been for the last 4 or 5 years. I also noticed Rayner Teo's site is moving in the same direction. Nothing stays the same.

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Guest oilfxpro

752 students @ $500 =  $300,000  plus extras for further baiting of educational services, could probably earn $1m .They don't need to trade.The old saying "those who can do, those who can't teach" may well apply here.

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Guest oilfxpro

I heard a bit of his nonsense regard support and resistance, support and resistance is always a zone of about 1/3  of atr depending on volatility.This is the blind leading the blind.


He teaches with hindsight  charts, like you do.I would never  recommend any body go to this site, by hearing the first video.


There is better free education on youtube by looking at views number 


How to Plot and Draw Support and Resistance - For Beginners



How to Draw Support and Resistance Properly



Mastering True Support and Resistance

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If you are serious you can always try the sign up for Rayner Teo's newsletter, he e-mails several times a week with links to loads of his stuff, mostly free stuff, of course there is going to be the occasional ad to join the members section. Speaking of which he just tweeted a link to his support and resistance article (with multiple videos) just a few minutes ago. Compare and contrast.









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Guest oilfxpro

hope you are not a teacher!


Initial risk reward was 52 to 98.It is more about probabilities.


If your risk reward is 1 to 3  , but your hit rate is 35 % it is not practical.If it is 1 to 1  and hit rate is 75 % , then it is good.

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oilpro asked if anyone knew where to find educational material on options, you could take a look at Stephen Burns. He is an options trader and has written many blog pieces on options (as well as many other topics) and offers a pay for course on options trading. Type 'options' in the search box on his web page for the blogs. He also has a large section on psychology and also has a number of low priced kindle books published on trading in general. The site is full of info on all kinds of trading with many guest articles.





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Guest oilfxpro

$69 for university education?this is a joke education course.







Super Trader I Cost and Payment Structure

Effective August 1, 2017 - February 28, 2018 (the price will increase as of March 1, 2018 to $67,500)




Super Trader 1 Payment

  • A first payment of $42,500 is due prior to starting the program.
  • A second payment of $17,500 will be due 6 months after starting the program.

Based on a three year program the average amount is $20,000 per year.


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Pleased you found something better, let us know how it went when you complete your £60,000 course, can't wait. But no, it's oilpro so of course it's all just the usual fantasy nonsense. 


Burns has been trading options for a very long time you must have gleaned something from the blogs no? Blogs not really your thing though are they. Trawling the web for get rich quick 'systems' is what you spend your time on isn't it.


The post wasn't actually for you really, I just used you for the intro. There are genuine people new to trading and interested in options who will find the site has some value. You on the other hand with your pretensions to being a real trader was always going to scorn, wont keep you any longer, I'm sure you have many more piles of garbage to trawl through.

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No, you are forgetting all the great technical analysis I post, you know, the kind of stuff you can't do. Which is why you only post a continuous secession of option strategies without even bothering to test them first hence the one week life span of most of them. There must be thousands of them littering the web so you should be well occupied for a long time yet. 

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Guest oilfxpro

Your technical analysis is no good, you teach the wrong things, like you were trying to short Dax 500 ticks lower, that is a loss of 500 potential ticks.On another trade you were trying to short the wrong currency .


Every time time you are asked to post foresight calls, you revert to hindsight analysis.


There + 425 ticks ++++++++++++++++ Hindsight results is very good.Trading wit I G  foroom lluzers was a master of hindsight analysis.





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Don't worry about oilpro, the foresight analysis he his talking about is a morning coin flip, that's why he only reports back on 50% of his calls.


I did manage to get him to stop going long during a down trend though which took some doing, here he is telling me this chart shows an up trend which was why he was going long on a daily basis during the 2 week run down.



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Guest oilfxpro

Why would any of IG;S  clients come and read analysis from people, people  who can't show they make any money from their analysis.If there was an amateur losing trader posting analysis, then they post links to internet marketeer sites who pay rebates and sells education, there is still no evidence that the analyst can make money from their analysis  Traders could lose money listening to this tight stop and amateur analysis.


Ig's own weekly trades analysis are at least sensible, they have had a 75% win rate in last 4 weeks.

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