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buying indices with option call spreads

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

Set and forget strategy , buy the spread and let it expire.


Example of a call spread buy 26400 calls sell 26480 for 48 , when  options are expensive and there is trade  a set up 


potential  profit  32  


call sprerads.jpga


dow option trends.jpg



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Guest oilfxpro

If I  can get my psychology right, I  can be very profitable, only problem is in the head. Lack of profitable systems methods is  not my problem.I know more than a dozen methods/systems to trade . 

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You can't be profitable if you can't get the psychology right because trading is 100% psychology, perhaps if you spent less time trolling EVERYONE else and just listen you would be more successful. With the right psychology just reading 'TA for Dummies' would be enough. Just stop and listen, there are a thousand ways to trade and be successful, stop doing everyone else down just because they don't adhere to one of your ever increasing number of 'systems'. You have been searching for 10 years for 'a system', stop, see simple multi-time frame chart reading and just go with the flow. Select an entry point in line with the flow that has a clearly defined and close-by stop level (risk) and if not stopped out then let it run it as far as you can. That is trading.

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Guest oilfxpro

I am doing well with options "set and forget strategies", as I explained in this separate thread.The option spreads and using options makes money, but I  give it all back on cash indices and forex. Yesterday I got chopped out on Dow with tight stops, on FX  all week I got chopped out on tight stops, something that you teach is tight stops. Even this week the option and indices strategies made money, it is the cash bets , I  can't handle, so from next week only indices trading and set and forget trading.

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