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Are you looking for trade signals?

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An old tinker once gave me some good advice, “Always take a thief over a liar, with a thief you know where you stand, with a liar you never know anything”.


Perhaps the title should be ‘should you take trade signals from a forum?’ After all there are plenty of professional trade signals firms with good reputations and published track records, IG offers two such for free.


Where are you more likely to find a coin flipping gambler? On a forum or in a professional firm. The coin flippers are easy to spot, they shout ‘I won 100’ then mutter, sure I lost some, I lost a bit. The winners are stated precisely while the losers are never really quantified, easier to push them to the back of the brain and forget them then, after all it’s the winning that counts isn’t it.


You may find posters on a forum who have more experience than others who may offer advice and discussion that you can take or leave but if you are looking for signals look elsewhere, if they are of a professional standard they wont be on here (except for our good friends from PIA-FIRST of course).







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Guest oilfxpro

Traders should be wary of signals and analysis on forums, especially those provided on a broker's forum.Some of these signals can be good ,others can be poor.The truly professional trader is not going to give signals, he will be making money and wasting his time.



Casey (except for our good friends from PIA-FIRST of course).


This forum is going to the pitts  with signals like these.



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Guest oilfxpro

Plenty of examples can be found on forums, where traders lose money due to the opinions of others .This is why Casey has been challenged to post  to trades in advance, he is reluctant to do so , because most of his analysis fails.




Most traders would not have the confidence to use the signals of others.



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Somewhat deceitful to leave out the second part of my call that went on a 240 pip run don't you think? So the false break out the top lost a few, so what. I knew the range was important and said so, and so a break either up or down was also going to be important and it was.


Plenty of examples of people losing money due to others, that's true, but what about all those famous forum legends who make the right calls all the time, who are they now, ... Oh wait, there aren't any. Sure you get some high risk gamblers who make lots quick but always end up giving it all back when the market changes as it always will.


Loud boastful coin flippers like yourself can only show snippets of results to back their claims because the results over a long period of time would explain why they still have a piddling account after 10 years of trying. 



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Guest oilfxpro

I am somewhat deceitful to leave out the first part of my call that went on a 13280 long call that is losing 350 ticks at present,  don't you think?


You also forget the Dax Signal that went 700 ticks in the opposite direction to your call.

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I can only repeat my view about this community. It is NOT a trade calling service, if people want my calls I will give you my PayPal a/c details and you can send me your subscription payments -  HaHa  . This is just a site for ideas, thoughts , identifying problems and problem solutions and such like. PLEASE keep it friendly

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I found coin flipping only works about 50% of the time, same as you. So I prefer to watch the charts, get a feel for the rhythm and then take opportunities as they present themselves. Take a look at the dax chart for instance, price is at a key juncture and is as yet undecided.

The weekend gap got filled but the 12742 is a key confluence level, who ever takes control of that (bulls or bears) will set the pace for the next few days.



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Guest oilfxpro

50 /50 coin toss has more chance of success than your signals, that is why you can't call in advance, you have no confidence in your own technical analysis.


If your t/a was 55% right  and 45 % wrong , you have an edge.

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As opposed to your daily morning coin flip I have to wait for a set up to materialise on the chart before any entry, that's how most people trade. I appreciate that you have tried this and failed and that is why you went in search of a holy grail 'system' that has lead you to the coin flipping technique. Now you are desperate to convince anyone who is naive enough to listen (including yourself) it actually works. Providing a continuous record over a reasonable period of time is the usual way but of course you can't do that because, a)  you keep changing it every week and b) you know what the results would be. Which is why you keep changing it every week. 

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