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Trading STOCK, FTSE AND EUR USD futures and options online with I G ?

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

I have been asked the following.




Can I trade future and options of indices like FTSE, S&P and future and options of stocks like BP, Barclays as well as future and options of forex pairs through IG?


Please phone customer service , they may take futures orders by phone.I only use daily spread bets, these are as good, except for the carry cost difference.


Options can be traded online . but please check your requirements on online platform , if not ring customer service.They may trade other options by phone.





Also any idea about minimum amount that I require to take a position for example to buy a FTSE contract at todays/31-Jan-2018 price i.e. £7471 and also to buy a call option of say £7500.


Just key in your ticket and it will show the margin


ftse prices.jpg





Also whats the amount I have to keep if I trader a future and also buy an in the money option of EUR/USD?
Also can all the trades of both future and options be done online or I have to ring customer service?


Answered above



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Hey all. Posted on the other thread as well.  "So you can trade all options, bar individual stocks, on the classic dealing platform. You will need to phone deal for an individual stock, however once booked to your account you'll be able to seeing running P&L on your desktop or mobile. 


If you buy a call and the future there will note be an offset. To get an exact quote in real time (as these things are variable on the delta) please give one of our dealers a call and they can walk you though the calculation. "


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