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Where is the EUR going next?


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Hey traders,


The EUR bounced overnight back to the 1.09 level vs the USD.

While the US is looking to tighten monetary policy in Europe it appears to be the opposite.

What is the best way to play this scenario?

The EURGBP pair has been weakening materially for quite some time now and is a preferred trade of mine looking for futher downside.


Any other thoughts out there?

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Guest FoxTrader

hi  - well, it is 4 months later -  I also trade EUR against USD and GBP often - the scenario is always unstable and really volatile - I would say a little less volatility when GBP is weighed against the EUR. I can certainly see why this is the preferred trade. There are always activity influencing these three tremendously.


Do you trade on strategic or fundemental analysis? I find that the fundemental analysis works best here. Keep your ear to the ground concerning news and announcements and finger on the "submit trade" trigger :)


Today the EUR/GBP is at 0.72634 and the EUR/USD at 1.09832 (BUY)


Happy days

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