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Guest Kimchip

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Guest Kimchip

As a newbie trader and doing some the education tutorial on the IG site I noticed they have an online diary. It is connected to all of my trades so I can add comments and charts.


Does anyone one else use the IG Diary?


Using a diary in other jobs has been useful so I was wondering  what other means are used to record text details and graphs, so there is a record of what has been traded other than statements and history that are available?

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Hi   Never knew they had this so thanks for the post, people have been asking for something like this for years so I presume it's fairly new. Can't find any links to show how to use it, perhaps you could post a link to where you saw it on the tutorial? I can see how to add a note but nothing else.


I use an excel spreadsheet to auto calc a running total of win/lose strike rate to compare with my overall risk reward ratio after listing trade entry, exits, stops, comments and charts. 



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Guest Kimchip

Hi Casey,


Thanks for your interest. One of the reasons I posted it here was to get a bit of support for the built in diary. Monday I found it and have been using it ever since and love it. It is a bit restrictive but does the job and is better than an excel spreadsheet. I called the support people who I have found exceedingly helpful to ascertain if I could export the details in text or something only to be told they are thinking of deleting the service because no one uses it. 


I know why no one uses it is because it cannot be found on the site easily without a entering the URL. It the exact url is not put in it will not be visible. you need to be logged into you account Here is the URL:




this is for the current week and has limited customisation but a great asset even without the additional development that could be done  on the application.


Let me know how you go and what are your thoughts



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Thanks ,  Yes, withdraw it because no one is using it when no one knows it exists. I did find the diary page (search 'trading diary') but not sure how it works. It doesn't fill historically so presumably it must be running to auto fill? And does it save data one day to the next?


Apart from adding comments it's not clear how to add a chart. Do you remember which tutorial you saw it being used on?


IG could do more to publicise the diary   though it seems basic as is it could prove very useful with a little more development and even eventual progression to a full MyFXBook type journal.

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Guest Kimchip

It will only fill the current days trades.


Orders are one entry, Open is another entry and closing is another entry. Effectively tracking movements on the platform.


There is the option to add comments and the relevant chart. Click on the + button on the right hand side and it will allow you to add your comments with the vital details already recorded. Once you are in there adding comments at the bottom of the comments section is the option to add a Chart. The Chart has various limited options but it is a snap shot of the chart at the time you add it. For me that is useful as sometimes it is difficult to remember what it looked like at the beginning of the trade. No drawing tools are available. The option for a timeframe and chart type is variable.


There is another option to add notes for the day and that does not necessarily need to be connected to a trade. Also I have attempted to put hyperlinks in the comments field without success.

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The add chart is a very useful feature as the snapshot tells much about why the trade was entered (good or bad) but more useful if it was recorded to look back at over time.

One day recording only would not help longer term traders so more suited to day traders and no collective data or running totals is the big draw back.


The diary in it's current form would be helpful to filling out a spreadsheet at end of day.


On a spreadsheet most input is by dropdown boxes or auto calc, I only add the entry, stop, exit price and comments manually.



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Ok, so logged on and opened the new platform > 'econ calendar' > 'trading diary', but of course this is just for use with trades placed on the IG platform only, not trades placed on MT4 or PRT so nil result come up for my trades (just the test note I made this morning), but clearly some will find this very useful. 





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