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Another small leg up them boom!?!

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I've been sitting around all day doing other stuff and watching the markets over my shoulder waiting for my sell alarms to go off.  I've got an itchy trigger finger and wanted to go in for a few hours now in case I "missed" it.  Then I remind myself of the old mantra - "there is always another trade" - and I remember that I don't have to hit the top exactly but oh how I love to...


Anyway the main thing keeping me from pulling that itchy trigger finger is that I see one more leg up everywhere I look: Oil; Stock indices; GBPUSD; EURUSD; Copper (1 more down).  When I see so much correlation I have to go with it and if I miss it then no sweat I will get in on a retrace, at least it will be going in my direction...


The only things I see as done and moving are: Gold (wave 3 of Wave 5); USDJPY (already turned); USDCAD (Maybe just turned at the Fib 88%?); EURGBP (Turned last week).


This evening I will be watching Oil and the US markets like a hawk for those turning points and if they come, with that final leg up, then for me it could be a Shorting frenzy.

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