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New ATM EA in production at mql.com

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Do you fink it is possible to make ATM EA ?


Me ask question "is it possible , me no lie discussion!"





10 EAS , expert advisors for $1,000 order may be given at mql.com


Do you fink bad idea or good idea?Me got dozen coders to agree price<1000, verl cheap.


Now 10 EAS give 10 signals, this is good, what you fink?ME not sit in front of screen all day.EA sit .


What you fink ?EA take stress .Me not take stress?


EA make money., me take money.


Customer make money.me good man!What you fink?


ATM EA coded Send email to broker Title :Withdrawal request ATM Ea will read account balance and send email  1)if account balance increase above   £.5250.................. if account balance exceeds by £250 , write in email "please send £250 to my account, the original account where money came from" 2)email to be sent to broker  account no:...

EA make money , I  no trade!









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I've got a question as well actually, we have been discussing over the last 6 months your extensive internet forum history and your eternal search for an ea that actually works. We have tracked your history through 7 odd forums over the last 10 years where you either got banned or ostracised (as oilfxpro) having clearly tried hundreds? of ea's, but there was only one document you posted that stood out as possibly being genuine (other than clipped short run demos). It is an account doc of an ea run from 2007, the account was with a deposited $100,000.


The question is did you really start out with a live $100,000 account 10 years ago before ending up here with the £1000 live and the $1,000,000 demo accounts you told us about a few months ago?






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Me no like  discussion on forums, unless discussions are constructive.Me EA-TRADER  , me no trade oil, me no trade fx , me no pro .



Me indices trader./EA trader.


Me ask you question 


Trading forums suck!  This link about regular forum guru and resident forum gurus. Are you regular forum luzzers?

do you expect an accomplished trader to hang out on a trading forum? Why would he? He has nothing or not much to learn from it and is likely to be mightily annoyed by the silly posturing of xxxx desperately trying to impress their peers. Meaning, other xxxxx


Are you trying to impress others?





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Oh no, now you've shifted into native north american. Trading forums suck for you because because you won't learn.


Join forum, make boastful claims, asked to substantiate, can't substantiate, get angry and insult everyone, get banned or ostracised.


10 years, longest running comedy.

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I gotta give you credit for your research on the internet.


Be positive and think positive.Fink how many more profitable traders can be produced, by following winners.Fink how much more spread income will be generated for brokers, if more traders are profitable.


We learn oilfxpro been making EAS for 10 years, due to your research.


Thank you!

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As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. ... Edison replied, "I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps." "Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophy."

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Yes, and I have seen the work you have done especially on mql5 but your toxic hostility to anything TA is insulting. Stop demeaning everyone 'else' and the work they do.


I asked you back in 2016, has the problem been solved, can an ea work in all market conditions or does it just give up all it's profits when the market switches which it does regularly. You tell us you have 50 profitable es's that work  ... but only for some of the time, that's why your search still continues.

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EAS are designed by amateurs mainly.People do back tests, they use the back tests, believing ea will work and history will repeat itself.It does not .Most EAS don't work , they will fail sooner or later, because market conditions change.


The success of the EA relies on the developer i.e trader, the logic/also coded .EAS rely on garbage in garbage out logic.


My EAS are highly advanced,they have a magic formula,their logic is far superior.I have EAS for ranging,trending and bear markets.I have solved all my problems with EAS.Nowadays I don't back test EAS , i design them to work in the future,based on how markets behave.I use the right logic based on instrument behaviour  in the past, currently and in the future.


In 2016 I used indicators on eas , they don'twork  for me or my eas.It is raw price action which works for me EAS.


My search is over,  I am just in process of setting them on live.

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Let me tell you why 99% of forex EAS fail, most eas are designed for  forex..


Interest rates expectations rarely change regularly, most forex so called gurus do backtests, do eas based on previous interest rates expectations, they then use them using t/a .The t/a that worked with interest rates expectations   no longer works in the future , so eas fail .


Every forex move is killed by banks, coming in to fulfill their order books for currency trades of letters of credits etc, hence most forex eas get clobbered by bank transactions, so gurus end up selling education.


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Here is other reasons why most forex EAS won't work.


1)forex rarely trends

2)forex is not volatile enough for Eas

3)Volatility gets killed by pairs trading i.e usd or yen ,volatility is split

4)Eas can not predict bank orders flows

5)forex is choppy and unpredictable

6)The big sharks eat the small fish in forex, forex is more like a random market.


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Yes, I think you have hit the nail on the head there, ea's and people fail because of the lack of ability to look forward. How can anything know what the market conditions are, by looking backward, by the time something is obvious it's already too late to take advantage of it and even worse, the big players are gearing up to take advantage of any late comers be they ea or person.


Sounds like you have abandoned trend following and gravitated toward a HFT algo style system that purely reacts to price action but they only cut it by using super fast speeds and ultra low commissions.


Good luck with going 'live' because that's the real test isn't it, otherwise the search goes on, again.









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Yes I take your points regarding fx, take a look at the 4 hr eurusd chart for example, what can you do with that.


Volatility has been low in fx for around a year now while indices have taken off so choose your markets.

Fx has always been about matching the strong currency against the weak and looking for a range expansion where the auction shifts levels between the periods of consolidation but low volatility has made the market even more difficult to play.




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I’m Confused. You don’t like technical analysis but you love EA’s?


Aren’t these ea’s simply using technical analysis but doing it automatically and algorithmically? You don’t like back dataor hidtoricalprice action, but that’s the same thing?


Never used them so excuse my ignorance if they don’t... but I assume this is the case.

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Hi  Casey and Panda


I have the solution to making profitable forex EAS.This is the latest hft style forex range EA.  his uses IG'S low minimum bets and increases sizes ,plus trades lower and higher on forex grids.I can't explain now , but this will work in forex, all entries and take profits are random mathematical models.I just need to find the right settings .When I have a bit of time I will show you , it places 10 t0 20 trades in seconds and does everything automatically.


This one is support/resistance and random trading.Historical price action with back data is not the same thing, if you apply it with current fundamental price drivers.


BTW in other EAS I use candles .





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You can see why  has gone down the route of bought or self-build ea's.


If you did actually develop a profitable ea would you really give it away or even sell it? If something was genuinely profitable over the long term it would not be long before everyone was using it and arbitrage would soon cancel out it's profitability.


So it's a case of selecting from a range of ea's and applying a specific ea to a specific market with specific market conditions and to get quality you are likely to have to pay for it where the seller has/takes responsibility for operational issues but it will always be the buyers responsibility to know when and when not to apply it.  

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Please repeat your query.I thought I answered already.


Looking at historical back tests and data is useless, if applying to future.As an example , any data in the past may have different price driversi.e fundamental price drivers.


As an example , US is going to raise interest rates by 5% , why would you want to a apply a bear market data on Eur/usd?.It would be useless.Today same data on technical would work differently, if U S was to do this.



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Please repeat your query.I thought I answered already.


Looking at historical back tests and data is useless, if applying to future.As an example , any data in the past may have different price driversi.e fundamental price drivers.


As an example , US is going to raise interest rates by 5% , why would you want to a apply a bear market data on Eur/usd?.It would be useless.Today same data on technical would work differently, if U S was to do this.



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    • Hey @pravid17 I hope you're well.  In the leveraged trading industry there are brokers who don't hedge client's exposure and brokers (like ourselves) who do hedge client's exposure.  In a perfect world the exposure of short clients would net off the trades of long clients however this is not always the case. Our hedging model allows us to take an exposure in the underlying market for the remaining exposure which doesn't offset - This way we don't need to hedge every trade, worry about profits of our clients and results in lower costs for hedging in the underlying market (commissions, interest etc.). So say 60% of IG customer exposure in the ASX was long and 40% of exposure on the ASX was short. The 40% would net each other off but there's a remaining 20% of customers who need to be hedged to cover their positions. We go into the market and hedge this.  We make our money primarily through our spreads and overnight funding  with other fees making up a small proportion of our revenue. I would like to remind also that IG is regulated by several bodies globally, including top-tier regulators like the UK's FCA, Germany's BaFIN, Australia's ASIC - This should be quite reassuring from a dealing execution and transparency perspective.  I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other question 
    • A survey from Reviews.org, which featured 1000 Americans, found that as many as 1 in 4 US subscribers may quit the service in the next year.    Jeremy Naylor | Writer, London | Publication date: Friday 23 September 2022  There was an interesting breakdown, but the main reason was affordability. Only 18% said they would move to a cheaper competitor. IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor looks at the numbers. Netflix subscription woes Netflix Inc (All Sessions) could be in for a rough time ahead over the next 12 months if a new survey is anything to go by, which was conducted in the US. Out of the 1,000 adults that took part in this survey undertaken by Reviews.org, around 25% of those that were covered said that they would be cancelling their Netflix subscription within the next 12 months. Now, it says with that 25% of US subscribers to Netflix considering leaving, not to join a competitor, but mostly because of pressures on household bills. This is how it is split: rising cost of subscriptions - 40% inflation - 20% a lack of content - 22% spending more time on the services of others - 18% So you can see, a minority said they were going to other services, such as those provided by Disney Plus or Amazon Prime. The cost of Netflix has risen dramatically this year as its basic plan increased by 11% in January and its other plans by 20% to 25%. Now these were the first price increases for three years, so that itself is relatively new for a lot of subscribers. Netflix share price Let's take a look at the Netflix share price. You can see on the far left hand side of this chart the COVID lows at $290.39. We saw a whacking great increase there of 141% to the top and the record high in Netflix shares back in November 2021. And that was when subscriptions were rising, people were paying more for their services, and it was all humming beautifully. And then all of a sudden people started questioning the numbers of streaming services they were undertaking with some deciding to withdraw from Netflix. All of a sudden the big drops started coming through with profit warnings and sales warnings. We've recently hit a new low of $162.50. Since then there has been a little bit of an increase. We're currently trading at $232.75, but we are down by a margin of 1.75% in today's session, which reflects this news that we could well see a relatively large drop in subscribers for Netflix in the US within the next 12 months.
    • Market data to trade the week of 26 September: Nasdaq; NXT From the economic calendar next week IG technical analyst, Axel Rudolph, picks up on a short trade on the Nasdaq around US inflation data. Meanwhile, despite another light week of corporate data, Axel picks out the chart of Next plc (NXT) as an interesting trade to think about.          
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