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How useful do investors find IGTV?  I have seen a few vidoes with CEOs etc after releasing news.  I really like the interviews that are done.  


I would really like to be able to send questions in advance to IG to ask some of these guest when they are on.  Is it possible to do this?  I think it could be done via social media such as twitter.  If IGTV had their own account, they could perhaps Tweet upcoming guests and then this would invite investors to send their questions to be asked.

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Glad to hear you like the interviews we've been putting out. The guys in the TV studio are looking to create more two way pieces, with client questions and requested segments.


Hopefully we'll have some more news soon!

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Hi Nick,


The IG TV app is still available to be downloaded and used. If you are unable to find it I would suggest downloading it again from the Apple store.


Hope that helps!



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