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ASX200 Sun tsu ATM EA

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I just put an EA on ASX, my first ASX ea, I will put it on forward test on demo , we will see the results.This weekend I will set up some EA strategies on ASX


This is separate thread to monitor EA results on ASX200.


I make sun zsu atmasx ea for sure , it will do everything like send automatic withdrawals instructions to IG..aud.jpg

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The ASX200 opens at 10am and closes at 4:00pm GMT+10 (Sydney).  


The SPI opens at 9:50am and closes at 4:30pm.  It re-opens at 5:10pm and closes at 7am the next day.   


IG's ASX200 is 24hours.  


Will be interesting - thanks for the demo.  

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Coool so that’s 1am to 7am UK at the moment when you take GMT and also BST which were now in. A 10am startlocal time? The stock brokers must love that rather than the early 8am start those in England have to contend with. I know where I’d be living if that was my job.

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Already noticed spread is 3 on ASX , on dow it is 2.4 , sp spread to to volatility is not good.Dow  moves 30 points in minute , asx has barely moved 5 points.


As a businessman , asx is for discretionary selective trades.It is also probably ilLiquid.I noticed this also with EAS.I will run EAS but early signs are no good.

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These are early days on observing this instrument. Once we learn the behaviour of the ASX , I can program the Eas to trade it's behavioural patterns.


The last two days , the prices got marked higher , but failed to go higher and if you bought higher on the breakouts, you would get chopped out.


On both days the EAS bought higher and got chopped out .It needs buying at the trend line or support and waiting  for days.This is first observation.

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Hi panda 


You can see everything on the charts, where the Eas bought is marked by arrows.Everything is automated, so I can't spend time manually.


You can see the red horizontal resistance lines and lue support lines on charts , you don't need text.You can see the price action on the charts, when EA bought.

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Nice thanks for the reply. However I’m sure others like me who don’t use this software and don’t know what these icons mean are also lost so a quick sentence makes it a lot easier to understand.


So you bid at the last two blue arrows? And they were both 4 minutes apart at 1:30 and 34 mins past? And trades are still open it looks like?


But why didn’t it buy offyhe yellow resistance bounce at the first white candle after that as well? Or did it just miss?

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Just to add - IG's ASX200 is open 24hours.  Yet their spread varies according to the opening of the underlying (real) ASX200 (XJO) and the SPI for the night session.  


So when the XJO is open, 10am till 4pm GMT+10, IG has a one point spread.  After 4pm until 4:30pm (GMT+10) their spread is two points - there is good liquidity still with the SPI but the XJO is closed so to speak (4:10pm exact closing time, off market auction I believe for those 10mins).


The SPI is closed for 40mins after 4:30pm, yet IG will still make the market, with a 5pt spread.  At 5:10pm GMT+10 the SPI will re-open (only the SPI of course) and it will trade right through the night until 7am GMT+10.  IG's spread during this session is 3pts.  


Then from 7am till 9:50am GMT+10, IG will make the market again, with a 5pt spread.  Narrows to 2pts for the 10mins between 9:50am and 10am GMT+10 as the SPI re-opens for the day, then back down to 1pt as the XJO re-opens 10am.


The SPI is the futures contract for the ASX index in case that's not understood.  


Edit: Typo.

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Well no the actual math from your quote is 4% to 12% but that’s not how it works. You’re paying basis the index tho so it’s 1/5880 or 0.017% of that, and then when you take into account the actual futures spread I’m sure that also needs to be taken into account.


If you open a trade for a point spread and then let the trade move 2 points you can’t say you’re paying 50% spread and that’s astronomical. That’s just retarded trading.

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 I'll give you points for honesty and having a go.  You're right, but that's why I relied on binaries to trade it.  

Seeing as we made it a week long experiment, I'll post a potential return on our $5000 tonight.  


I understand too your EA demo needed more time and over a year might give the 80% return you promise.  This week doesn't prove too much.  I hope the Hang Seng is a bit more lively.  

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I did a excel check,it showed 1.1 % dailyvolatility and Hang Send was 1.48 %, over many years.When  EA gets set up , it needs market to move, become lively and producing good runs.


Asx needs different type of grid EA for investing, i have them being made.

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