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Stochastics price action indicator THE PROFESSIONAL'S INDICATOR

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader

I am going to show this indicator, the stochastics, it is freely available on all IG platforms.The stochastics indicator is also a price action indicator.It is compared to the price indicator, posted in the chart below. Stochastic is used by professionals and bank traders.They use it on daily and 4 hour charts.There are less false signals on 28/6/10 settings


Please take this free knowledge and wisdom from the thread, to improve your trading.Ignore the charlatan  non constructive nonsense posted in this thread.


The technical analysis is already available on the free charts provided by IG.The stochastics indicator is already doing the price action analysis on most trader's charts.This eliminates the need for price action candle by candle,analysis for longer term swing traders and trend  traders.


Copyright belongs to site below

https://www.stock-market-strategy.com... Stock Market Strategy has put together a video to explain how professional traders use Stochastic for entering high odds trades. Stochastic is explained and pointed out on charts so you can see how it can be used and implemented into a trading plan to become a profitable trader faster. Stochastic is one of the most used indicator for entering trades in the stock market. Understand the formula and how it is calculated to really start believing in this stock market indicator for better implementation. We hope you enjoy the video. Direct link to Stochastic Page: https://www.stock-market-strategy.com...









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Guest EA-trader

This is a nice article .Trader does not need any noisy price action candles on their charts, stochastics does the work for traders.

Don't waste your life on fake price action gurus.Use what professionals use.


Stochastics: An Accurate Buy And Sell Indicator


COPYRIGHTS RESPECTED FOR  investopedia  below:Very nice site for free learning. Price Action

The premise of stochastics holds that a stock's closing price tends to trade at the high end of the day's price action. Price action is the prices at which a stock traded throughout the daily session. The stock may have opened at $10.00, traded as low as $9.75 and as high as $10.75, and closed at $10.50 for the day. The price action of this example is between $9.75 (the low of the day) and $10.75 (the high of the day). If the issue, however, is currently in a downtrend cycle, the closing prices will tend to close at or near the low of the trading session.


Read more: Stochastics: An Accurate Buy And Sell 



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Guest EA-trader

Nice trades on stochastics 4 hours


Stochastic is used by professionals and bank traders.They use it on daily and 4 hour charts.There are less false signals on 28/6/10 settings





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Guest EA-trader

Here is a stochastics custom indicator, it has no false signals, exactly what I want.All the amateurs talk about fake signals.





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Does this mean that all your 'professional' options strategies you posted as oilfxpro are now binned? I kept telling you they didn't work but you kept bring out a new on every week anyway. You seem to have given up on pumping the ea's as well. So it's custom indicators now, oh dear, forever going round in circles.


For anyone who might be fooled by this fakery and delusion of 'professional' lets go over the trail.


In the first shot Pradip admits to being oilfxpro.


In the second shot ea-trader announces on this forum his new stochastic cci divergence custom indicator within an hour or two of Pradip leaving feedback for a coder who had just made him  a stochastic cci divergence custom indicator.


So Pradip is oilfxpro is ea-trader. It is not unusual to find fakers and scammers using multiple logins on open public forums, but it is a shame it is happening here on IG's own forum.


If you see on this forum something that sounds to good to be true you can be pretty sure Pradip is behind it.



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Guest EA-trader

I started this thread to show the benefits of using a stochastics indicator and how professionals use it.This was meant to be a constructive discussion with like minded traders.There are not any.You don't need education from charlatans, marketing price action courses.Be sensible and use the free tools, avoid the blind leading the blind.


Here it starts with Casey, somebody is showing the road to success, but industry charlatans scamming new traders,want to sell education and  mislead new traders.This industry is blind leading the blind.The failures who can't trade want to sell education on forums.


Instead of learning for free on the previous  posts, Casey wants readers to go to  and buy education from Casey's links to his  own sites, he posts in this forum.Please buy his price action courses.Here is the link posted so many  times by casey.Casey is indirectly advertising his own sites.Just turn a blind eye to this advertising on IG forum, and this link has been posted many times on this forum.





*** Intraday Price Action Scalping on FX Majors ***



Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers and "Trading Educators"Beware of these sites full of failed Gurus.


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Guest EA-trader

Look at this stochastics indicator, in the middle of the chart, admire it's beauty.It does not give fake signals and these charlatans/amateurs  learn from internet sites from fake gurus on forums.




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Guest EA-trader

The purpose of this thread was to pass 0n the wisdom of wise man.


Traders don't need to buy any price action education and courses, from failed traders, internet marketeers, education scam artists literally 99.9% of the industry.It is good to have this knowledge, your friends will ask to avoid education scam artists. Every private forum has education scam artists, waiting for the new trader.


Price action analysis is already done by stochastics indicator.









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