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2-factor authentication - please make it more user friendly

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Can can you please consider:

  • Separating out 2-factor authentication into it's own field, rather than me having to remember to type it onto the end of the password. It very easy to either forgot to do this, or just to make a typo.
  • Add the ability for us to trust a device, so that 2-factor codes are not need (perhaps say for 30 days). It's especially annoying on the Android app. If they've stolen my phone, then have the 2-factor authentication app anyway! It keeps me from using the Android app regularly because logging in is such a PITA.
  • Make a more secure way to disable 2-factor authentication. I have a new phone, which I want to transfer the 2FA to. I was I advised to email the helpdesk answering security questions. Email isn't private or secure.

You will be putting some people off using this important security feature due to the first 2 points. Thanks!

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Guest kwolton

I absolutely agree, two factor is so important these days but IG's implimentation of it is shocking, specially for the mobile app which should use touch id rather than toggling between two different app's on your phone.

There should just be a notification in the main IG Trading app you can accept when you want to login from the website.

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