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Exponential Moving Averages - 5 min chart

Guest KH1

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Newbie question - can anyone tell me what the units of time are when customizing the EMAs for a 5 minute chart? I am used to dealing with 50 and 20-day EMAs in investing, but new to day trading and want to set the EMAs to 9, 15. 65 and 200 min EMAs.



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Hi     the number refers to the number of periods of the chart you are using so a 20 ema on a 5 min chart is the ema of the last 20  5 minute candles. The 20 and 50 day ema can only refer to a daily chart and is the ema of the prior 20 and 50 daily candles.


To put the ema of a different time period onto a chart you need to do some multiplication and division, so to put the 20 ema of a 15 min chart onto a 5 min chart you need to use the 5 min 60 ema. 

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