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Suppressing Specific Twitter Feeds

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Good afternoon. Is there any progress on being able to suppress specific twitter feeds? Bloomberg is driving me mad. I want facts and new from a newsfeed source. If I want ill-informed, blatant and crude political agendas I have plenty of other sources.  Many thanks.

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I'm interested to know if the choice of Twitter feeds reflects the political and economic opinions of IG, there is one in particular called Zerohedge which carries some quite right-wing content

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I'm certain there are a lot say at least 50% judging by USA election results, that are very agreeable with Zero Hedge and you have no right to question his opinion in as much as you are entitled to your own. I do not believe it fair that you blame and or credit IG with ANY opinion since they provide a service NOT an opinion. Lastly if democratic free speech and non narrated thinking are NOT your cup of tea then you may want to go work for Twitter or Facebook 

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