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Mql5 site signals and market place software

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader

I experienced a lot of slippages , non execution of signals on a demo with another broker, and fake  claims of profits on mql5 site.The person was claiming 8,000 % a year , after I subscribed the signal seller disappeared , his threads and comments were deleted.Luckily  it only cost me $30 , after which I deleted my subscription.I tested it on demo first.

If IG had offered these signals, I would have asked for a refund , and IG as a reputable broker should not touch these notorious signals services. There is enough evidence on the internet of signal scams  of many other notorious  signal providers, these regularly disappear, after scamming customers.

I suffered slippage of 7 to 8 pips plus , on a demo account, there were were many trades not triggered on my demo account, but the signal provider claimed profits.

This is my experience and I have evidence to prove it.

As regards the marketplace, 99 % of the tools are likely to be freely available on IG platforms and MT4.Most of the indicator sellers , have created 500 indicators from a simple moving average, a car has one indicator, it does  not need 500 fancy indicators.This n summary is as poor as it gets in terms of charlatan vendors for traders.

You can find over 500 to 2000 indicators made from a moving average on mql5 site.This is insanity making 1,000 indicators, under 500 names.

All the tools in the marketplace can be freely available, by looking for alternatives, these do the same job.

Hope this information helps  someone. I hope nobody is offended.

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We are currently not looking at offering Signals as we feel not enough due diligence is given to them. Thanks for the feedback and I shall pass it on, however I do not believe we will be implementing these 'auto trader' offerings.

The market place should still be accessible on MT4 and is down to the individual to perform their own testing and make the decision on their own. 

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