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Guest Mutley

Maybe a bit of a punt but Superdry is now looking well oversold.

Its normalised PE is well below all of its peers and its full year results although disappointing were not that bad.

I know Dunkerton sold down depressing the price but it has fallen consistently since then on no news.

Interims due in November so who knows there may be further disappointment  but unless these are really bad the price seems to reflect that.

Sure some of you technical boys have looked at this and can tell me I am wearing rose tinted glasses!!

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on daily timeframes SDRY is a sell from technical standpoint 

If you think fundamentally the company has good growth potential as a value stock then great but bear in mind the overarching conditions are pretty grim in UKX (UK BreX?) and also I would second Trendfollower's comments - you need to consider if the company has long term commercial viability if you truly believe in it as a value play and be prepared for further losses - or at least have an exit price in mind.  

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