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Internet speed packages



My internet service provider (Singtel) is offering a new package where they promise 10gig speeds.

I'm currently on the 1gig plan and averaging 80mbps if I'm using the cable instead of my wifi.

Just wondering whether other IG traders have used a faster service and found it beneficial or more problem prone?


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.14.59 pm.png

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You should be getting more than 80 MB/s if you're on 1 Gb/s: you divide by 8 to get the approximate max, which in your case would be 125 MB/s (note this is megaBYTES, not megaBITS).

If you bump up to 10 Gb/s, you likely won't see any improvement unless you're hitting your cap at 1 Gb/s. Note that you'll also have to get a network card/new cables in most situations. Standard Cat6 only goes up to 1 Gb/s.

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