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They also have the date of GE completely wrong. GE are reporting 30th AM. Not the 25th. You're welcome IG.

I must admit I am also extremely stumped at the misses by AMZN and GOOG, think this is what you were getting at with "What was the market thinking".

Will be interesting to see what happens with ^IXIC (US Tech 100) tomorrow. It's been trading in a very clear descending channel on the 4 hour charts for a while now and is at the bottom of that channel currently at the time of writing. However myself and a lot of others were thinking a killer AMZN & GOOG earnings would get the Bull by the horns but it looks like it could tank. Seems like the easiest move is down at the moment for the Nasdaq. So either it will bounce off that channel and continue in the range or we're going to see a break to the downside. I'll be watching it closely and will likely enter a position once the market open carnage has calmed and a clear trend is in place.


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