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IG trading Bitcoin question

Guest rachelbarnes

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Guest rachelbarnes

I currently have a position open for bitcoin on the IG trading platform and the market doesn't open for a few more hours . When the market closed I was in a 1k+ profit however now I will be down . However since the markets closed it still shows that I'm up 1k .

My question is , can I close the position and receive my profits still with the market closed , or when I close click position will it place my order and be fulfilled once the market opens at whatever the rate is then . Note : I do have the option to close the position even though it's closed but I'm reluctant to click it as im not sure what will happen. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it alot , the market opens in 3 hours .

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Guest rachelbarnes
On 18/11/2018 at 16:14, TrendFollower said:


My understanding is that during the times of Friday 10:00 pm to Saturday 4:00 am you will not be able to open a new position or close an existing position. If you do place an order or have any type of stop loss then it will be executed once the market re-opens based on prices on the open. dltutuapp.com/ 9apps.ooo/showbox.software/

thankyou so much

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