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    • Dow, Nasdaq 100 and Nikkei 225 make headway off recent lows The selling in indices has stopped for now, with major markets higher after finding at least a short-term low last week. Source: Getty Images Written by: Chris Beauchamp | Chief Market Analyst, London   Publication date: Tuesday 23 April 2024 13:38 Dow recovery goes on The index continues its recovery from the lows of last week, and Monday’s session saw it move back above the 100-day simple moving average. The flood of major earnings over the coming two weeks may mean that the index experiences a more volatile period, even if it does continue to rebound. Further gains target 39,000, which provided some resistance earlier in the month, and then on to 40,000. A close back below 38,000 could suggest the price will head back towards 37,500, retesting last week’s low. Source: ProRealTime Nasdaq 100 braces for big tech earnings The pullback in the index paused yesterday, as the price reached 17,000. A small gain helped to suggest that a low may be forming. The big tech earnings that dominate this week and next may mean that the index struggles in the short-term, though with the percentage of index members below their 20-day SMA hitting 5% last week a short-term bounce still seems likely. A close above 17,415 and the 100-day SMA helps to build a short-term bullish view. Sellers will want to see a close back below 17,000, which could then open the way to the January low at 16,177. Source: ProRealTime Nikkei 225 returns to 100-day SMA As with other indices, the Nikkei 225 has seen its pullback pause over the past three sessions. Buyers appeared last week when the index dropped below 37,000, and the index then pushed back to the 100-day SMA. A close above the 100-day SMA would add strength to the bullish view, while the price then targets the early April highs around 39,860. 37,000 continues to hold as support for now, so a break below here is needed to put the bearish view back on track. Source: ProRealTime
    • While the price of crude oil stabilises, gold and silver prices fall sharply De-escalation in the Middle East leads to risk on sentiment and flows out of save haven commodities such as precious metals. Source: Getty Images Written by: Axel Rudolph FSTA | Senior Financial Analyst, London   Publication date: Tuesday 23 April 2024 13:23 Brent crude oil price recovers slightly from near one-month low The Brent crude oil price’s sharp decline from its 91.67 mid-April high to Monday’s 85.21 near one-month low amid de-escalation in the Middle East has been followed by a minor bounce which so far remains tepid and below the 87.11 mid-March high, though. Were 85.21 to give way, the key mid-November-to-early March previous resistance area, now because of inverse polarity a support zone, at 84.58 to 83.79 would probably be tested. Source: ProRealTime Gold price plunges to three-week low as geopolitical tensions ease Spot gold is on track for its second straight day of losses, having so far fallen by around 5% from its mid-April $2,431 per troy ounce record high, as tensions in the Middle East ease. A potential downside target is seen at the 5 April low at $2,268. If fallen through, a more significant correction might take the precious metal price to its 20 March $2,223 high. Minor resistance sits between its mid-April low and Tuesday’s intraday high at $2,335. Further minor resistance can be spotted at the 17 April $2,354 low. Source: ProRealTime Silver price comes off its three-year high The spot silver price is seen coming off its $29.79 per troy ounce mid-April high, a level last traded in February 2021, towards its 5 April low and the February-to-April uptrend line at $26.29 to $26.16 as geopolitical tensions in the Middle East abate. Another potential downside target is the 21 March high at $25.77. Minor resistance above Tuesday’s intraday high at $27.36 can be seen at the 10 April low at $27.53. Source: ProRealTime
    • Security and Transparency have always been the bedrock of cryptocurrency and focusing on these principles is particularly endearing to the crypto community. I found this to be more true when I came across BRC-20 DEX Exchange. In short, BRC-20 DEX Exchange is a DEX built on the BRC-20 protocol, offering secure and transparent trading for BRC-20 tokens. Basically, the BRC-20 DEX Bridge allows users to easily transfer BRC-20 tokens to Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon (Matic) networks for wider trading options. Additionally, the bridge enables transferring assets back to the BRC-20 blockchain. The BRC-20 DEX offers various utilities, including efficient bridging of BRC-20 tokens, spot trading of cryptocurrencies, and margin trading for borrowing, trading, and leveraging BRC-20 tokens. While they have gained popularity, the listing of their token BD20 on Bitget will be another milestone in their journey. Do you think BRC-20 DEX transparency and security will offset the limited number of operating chains?
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