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New to trading in ISA account

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I created an Isa account and made a deposit. The majority of instruments I attempt to buy it says that it is not available to trade on the tax wrapper on my account? I'm just looking at fairly standard etf's such as IVV and IVW?

Many thanks


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Unfortunately these assets are not ISA eligible. 

You can find ISA eligible ETFs here  https://etfscreener.ig.com/

If you don't want to use the above link, make sure each ETF is 'UCITS' eligible. 

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    • Bit of useful information for ya all I did 10 experiments using  the barchart.com over last few months . Ran 2 equally weighted portfolio's  (swing trades <1 week)  10 long positions in one and 10 short positions in another . The stocks were taken at random from their screener, only ones with med - high vol and only ones with a 100% BUY / Sell  on a 'BarChart Opinion' etc  https://www.barchart.com/uk/stocks/signals/top-bottom/top?viewName=main&timeFrame=daily Time frame 1 week, Mon to Fri  Risk / Reward 1: 1.5, stops usually 1 Daily Standard deviation  Results: nothing more than random! 0.45% from memory  Sure I could have fiddled about with limits stops, portfolio weights  etc  but it nothing convinced me that there is any evidence to pursue expert screeners  
    • I have finally got over that psychology issue. I never move stops now except  the odd time in the direction of the trade, to lock in profits (BE). I never risk more that 0.5% on a trade and keep risk /reward to about   1:1.5 I have read a heck of a lot now and follow accepted advice. 20 trades , same strategy , sensible stop say at 1 - 1.5  ATR / 1 BB  or a obvious support and resistance line I don't revenge trade, never get over confident ,screenshot every trade  and keep a detailed log and analyse every trade with notes.  *** HOWEVER The problem is quite simple,   its just not working, I am on a 5th loss in a row on MACD and 200MA , trading in the direction of the trend, using multiple time frames       looking at my logs I tend to agree with this now. I get the initial direction right more that 50% of the time but once i passes the 1:1 , the odds decline rapidly I would only move a stop if the trade moved rapidly, Like a manual trailing stop.  
    • Dropping a short every 15 points could be a good strategy 😜👌 profit takers can’t help them selves lol 😂