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Hi im new on trading, may i ask where can i get a trade simulator app, so i can play around during my weekend and test my strategy.

I don't know about coding so for me back testing is hard for me , i playing demo account also but i hope i can get a simulator so i can review back during weekend.



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Yes @100Plus, there are simulators and many find them an invaluable tool. There are several free ones for share trading I have posted links to in the past (search for threads with Sim or Simulator) but I've not used those myself, but for normal cfd/sb trading there seems to be only pay for sims available. I have 2 and the great benefit of a simulator is time saving. You can test strategies, indicators and practice execution for a week or a month worth of trading in a single afternoon. Seeing what doesn't work and discarding it quickly is a massive bonus. 

It is true that system hopping is vice new traders acquire to their detriment but sticking to a system that doesn't work is just as bad. If I'm trialing something new I would give it at least 20 trades before assessing, this takes time, especially if you are only placing 1 or 2 trades a week.

A google search will reveal the 2 most popular and affordable sims available, they use the mt4 platform or a mt4 copy and both have a single payment for a life time key with free data updates. The good news is that the cheaper one is the better, costs about $99 usd if memory serves and is called Soft4fx. It's actually an EA so it will run on the IG mt4 and so works with all the markets covered by IG's mt4 platform (fx and indices plus some commods, cryptos and metals). I think the available data runs a couple of weeks behind time and goes all the way back to about 2001.







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    • I think bitget will be the obvious option cos binance that use to be a good option isn't finding it rosy atm with regulatory bodies and speculations around the health of the exchange aren't friendly to feel safe with them atm
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