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Reset to Default - Demo Account Funds

Guest ritahal

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Guest ritahal

Please see the Topic link below.  I know there are loads more folk affected by this anomaly.

Erroneous Daily Charges ongoing on Demo Account

Please consider this suggestion for improvement ...

Reset to Default button on Demo Account Funds.

You'd need a warning pop up to say something like ...

"All Trades & Orders must be closed before Reset".

Thank You in Anticipation


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Guest cfc001

Yeah this is a great idea!

I've been charged over £100 interest over the weekend and I closed all my positions by 20:00 hrs on Friday night.

How are we supposed to gauge what is true interest and what is false interest payments with this nonsense going on?

A RESET Funds back to Demo Default Conditions button is the best all round solution as it will save overworked IG staff time mithering with queries and resets etc.     

cfc charges.jpg

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