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when does profit starts on a position

Guest Jaguar0007


Guest Jaguar0007

Hi i m new to plateform just got a quastion

when i open a position and place stop loss and limits to it

while having loss when it goes near stop loss, position is closed before it even hits the stop loss level

and on other hand when having profit when it goes near limit level not only it touches it  even it goes few points ahead of it and position is still not closed and limit is not triggard and price moves back towards loss level,can someone explain whats that is that spread or slippage?

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There is bid price and ask price. When you buy, you buy at the higher (ask) price when you close that position, you sell it at the lower (bid) price. 

The default line you see on platform is the average of these 2 lines. Which is why it actually have to go slightly lower than this line for your Take Profit to trigger. While your stop loss got triggered before that line even touches

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