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  1. Do you enjoy trading? Like a regular job, if you don't like your job you are not likely to stick around for long. On the other hand, if charts make you high, you will continue doing it whether it is worth it or not.
  2. I wonder are we going into a repeat of July 2019 where Dow goes range bound between 27000 and 27300? History repeats itself?
  3. An inverted pinbar may be about to be formed on the 1H chart after bouncing off the 20 EMA. This could be a bearish reversal back to 27000
  4. A triple top formation is formed on Dow 1H chart. It may find support at 20EMA though
  5. Can anything possibly stop this beast?
  6. 27000 is a psychological level for the Dow, so I expect to see some resistance at this level, Opportunity for a quick scalp/swing, if you guys are into these kind of things..
  7. Ascending Triangle Pattern spotted on Dow 1H chart
  8. yup, so i log out from the auto-fill, and click "Log In to a Trade Account". Delete the Server:MetaQuotes-Demo thing and type IG. There will be a drop down appear, and IG-LIVE is not in the list
  9. Thank you Caseynotes. I believe you are referring to the Desktop trading app, where you download and install metatrader to your PC. The Web trader I am referring to is the Web terminal that runs on Internet browser without any installation required.
  10. I think another possibility is it could start to go range bound around the inverted hammer top and bottom
  11. Hi all, Nice to see something other than "Chart is frozen" and "Help, how can I get my money back!" This is what I think about Spot Gold, I could be wrong though, just offering an alternative view.
  12. As you know, Metatrader 4 supports Desktop Trading, Mobile Trading and Web Trading. I would like to bring to attention that I can't log in to Web Trading for about a month now. I kinda recall that I was previously able to do so. It seems that the server list does not have IG. Would like to check with IG staff, is Web Trading no longer supported? https://www.metaquotes.net/en/metatrader4/web-trading Thanks Adrian
  13. Do we get compensation for this?
  14. Hope nobody forgot to set their stop loss...