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  1. IG support team has fixed this issue and reimbursed me the incorrect short interest charge. Thank you for the help to resolve this issue. I can sleep very well now. Thank you again.
  2. This is already the 2nd time I have encounter this issue with IG MT4. I am very disappointed
  3. I have email response from a Tom Warrington that I have 3 positions open. I cannot close it now even if I want to because MT4 says I have no position while Web platform says I can only close it from MT4 platform
  4. Hi IG, I have send a few email to you need your urgent help. I have all my Wall Street position closed on Friday but still reported open today. On web platform reported open but MT4 is closed. I am very horrified I am also charged interest for it. I have no way to close it. Web platform does not allow. MT4 SAYS I have no position. I cannot sleep well at night. Please help urgently. Thank you
  5. It's up now although my position which should be closed in profit is now in slight loss which is most disappointing. Thank you for the quick fix anyway.
  6. Hi ig support Please help asap. I have an open position on us30 that as soon as I closed in green the system crashed and now I can't log on to mt4. I am in distress as my position just turned red and I can't close it
  7. Hi IG, I would like to ask how can I inherit my trading account to my wife and children in case I die tomorrow? Is there any way that I can set beneficiaries?
  8. VP of nononsenseforex says ATR is the best indicator in the world! His videos are available on youtube
  9. Seems to happen a few times recently during ISM or news event. My humble request to IG, please you know what day it is tomorrow. Please crash any other time but not during NFP day.
  10. Are you using MT4? My news can't work either. Perhaps it is just not enabled.
  11. I guess you saw this on MT4 which I also see a lot. I notice this only during high volatility and never saw it on ig default platform.
  12. There is bid price and ask price. When you buy, you buy at the higher (ask) price when you close that position, you sell it at the lower (bid) price. The default line you see on platform is the average of these 2 lines. Which is why it actually have to go slightly lower than this line for your Take Profit to trigger. While your stop loss got triggered before that line even touches
  13. Are you the Heikin Ashi Trader who wrote several books on day trading?
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