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  1. Hi IG, I would like to ask how can I inherit my trading account to my wife and children in case I die tomorrow? Is there any way that I can set beneficiaries?
  2. VP of nononsenseforex says ATR is the best indicator in the world! His videos are available on youtube
  3. Seems to happen a few times recently during ISM or news event. My humble request to IG, please you know what day it is tomorrow. Please crash any other time but not during NFP day.
  4. Are you using MT4? My news can't work either. Perhaps it is just not enabled.
  5. I guess you saw this on MT4 which I also see a lot. I notice this only during high volatility and never saw it on ig default platform.
  6. There is bid price and ask price. When you buy, you buy at the higher (ask) price when you close that position, you sell it at the lower (bid) price. The default line you see on platform is the average of these 2 lines. Which is why it actually have to go slightly lower than this line for your Take Profit to trigger. While your stop loss got triggered before that line even touches
  7. Are you the Heikin Ashi Trader who wrote several books on day trading?
  8. A breakdown of support just happened on Dow. Might even go as low as 25950 at 50 EMA on the weekly chart. I hope everyone was short
  9. I observe what appears to me like a Descending Triangle Pattern in the Dow daily chart. As the range get smaller and smaller it will eventually break out, I believe to the downside. That support level at 26750 would be the level to watch put for. I believe that this may happen in the next few trading days
  10. Looking at the Weekly chart, it looks like it is coming down after bouncing off nicely from the 20 EMA on the Weekly chart.
  11. Bulls will have to overcome that triple top resistance thing at 27300 first. But coming in so strongly, who knows they might actually succeed this time...
  12. As you have pointed out, most should not be doing this at all. All it takes is that one big, long FU candle and...
  13. As you have pointed out, most should not be doing this at all. All it takes is that one big, long FU candle and...
  14. Oh no, You are creating a wrong expectation for new traders. Hope this don't cause many to blow their accounts thinking they can duplicate this over and over again. There will be some good days and many blown accounts.
  15. Thanks for the sharing. I have never had much success with BB so I will pass. But good to hear you have something that works for you. I asked because I am always interested to learn from other traders. Thank you again
  16. Have decided to stay away for the next 11 hours or so. Too much risk ahead of interest rate decision unless I want to take a 50-50 chance
  17. I am interested to know more. $187 to $2300 yesterday, how many trades did you take and on which pairs? How many pips did you aim for each trade?
  18. Do you enjoy trading? Like a regular job, if you don't like your job you are not likely to stick around for long. On the other hand, if charts make you high, you will continue doing it whether it is worth it or not.
  19. I wonder are we going into a repeat of July 2019 where Dow goes range bound between 27000 and 27300? History repeats itself?
  20. An inverted pinbar may be about to be formed on the 1H chart after bouncing off the 20 EMA. This could be a bearish reversal back to 27000
  21. A triple top formation is formed on Dow 1H chart. It may find support at 20EMA though
  22. Can anything possibly stop this beast?
  23. 27000 is a psychological level for the Dow, so I expect to see some resistance at this level, Opportunity for a quick scalp/swing, if you guys are into these kind of things..