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US manufacturing data is bad, US dollars and US stocks are crazy. Gold has jumped 28 US dollars.

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Forex(外汇) - Indeks Dollar AS:
The dollar on Monday after yesterday's record highs, buoyed by the Asian market buoying the maximum price of the day before yesterday's eve of the European plate, is still just out to buy and continue to rise until the eurozone manufacturing data is better than expected below market expectations. euro, dollar withdrawal for close to $ 99 mark; until the eve of British Prime Minister's spokesperson: British off in Europe, island of Ireland no longer needs to be checked, as markets believe this statement will not be accepted by the EU, causing sterling to fall a hundred points below market fears, again pushing the dollar to soar at rest day the three degrees with the highest euro prices were dragged down, then released after the lowest ISM manufacturing index in a decade, as the massive dollar sale in the US Market rushed for 60 points. After midnight, the resistance area bounced slightly and then fell back.
MT4 from the 2007 Level chart, over the shadow of Changyang candles of long black candles hit the day before today, the highest price failed to break the September 3 highest price, closing below the 5-day moving average near the $ 99 mark for the last four days. Indicators of short-term KDs showing empty squares may appear to resell the adjustment. The UK will report today to note the right off the contents of the European Union agenda, if accepted by the EU is most likely due to the euro and the downtrend, and note whether the dollar buying market remains stable, while in the evening data US ADP jobs will be released, unless less than expected It is possible that the dollar will turn around. Today, official Fed Williams made a public speech, which would cause the US dollar to face another shock.

Forex(外汇) - EUR/USD:
The euro against the US dollar continued to rise in the US dollar yesterday, and it fell again in early trading. Until the US dollar was adjusted downwards in the afternoon, it led to a rebound in Europe and the United States. Europe and the United States could not meet the 1.0900 mark and then fell under the lowest price yesterday. The district manufacturing data was better than expected, driving Europe and the United States to oscillate and returning to $1.0900. In the evening, the Irish border market believed that it was not accepted by the European Union, so the US and the United States fell again after the pound fell sharply, until the US announced ISM. After the manufacturing index hit a 10-year low, the US dollar experienced a large number of sell-offs selling 60 points, driving Europe and the United States soared 58 points, came to the previous day's high and fell after the pressure back to adjust the situation, the final increase.
MT4 from the daily level line chart, a spindle line Changyang candlestick hit a new low price this year yesterday, pushed by the US ISM manufacturing data to break through the 5-day moving average, but still blocked by the previous day's highest take-off zone, short-term although KD There are multiple signals on the indicator, which may oscillate between short resistance and support price. Today, we need to pay attention to the fact that the UK will announce the contents of the Brexit Powers Act. If it is not accepted by the EU, it will cause the pound to drag down the euro again. In the evening, unless the US small non-agricultural data is not good, it may cause the dollar to fall sharply and push up the euro. Rebound, but still pay attention to the public speech of Fed officials, the big opportunity to cause Europe and the United States to be in a volatile trend.

Forex(外汇) - Gold:
After the gold fell below the important support of $1,480 on Monday, the Asian dollar continued to hit a high level. The market was in a shocking decline as the market continued to sell gold. The dollar continued to hit a new high in the afternoon, and the gold poured out and sold back to around $1,460. Subsequently, the euro zone's manufacturing data was better than expected, causing the dollar to retreat. Therefore, it once pushed up the upward trend of gold. In the evening, the pound caused the Irish dollar to drop by 100 points. At the same time, the dollar surged three times to break through the new high price, causing gold. The sell-off callback, with the continued weakness of the European and American stock markets, also allowed gold to obtain safe-haven buying support, until the US announced that ISM manufacturing data hit a 10-year low, the dollar and US stocks plunged, driving gold soaring 25 The US dollar stood at the 1480 mark. After midnight, the resistance zone was under pressure before the previous day, and the final decline was made.
From the daily level line chart of MT4, a short-cut candlestick of a spindle line was hit by the US dollar and fell below the previous day's lowest price. Under the US economic data, the US dollar plunged and the gold rushed high. The 5-day moving average was blocked. The moving averages maintained a downward trend, and the short-term is still blocked by the August-September resistance price zone, so it may still be in a downward trend. If the UK announces that the content of the Brexit Powers Act is not accepted by the market today, the re-emergence of the Brexit has caused the European and American stock markets to fall. On that day, there is an opportunity to see gold rebound again. Pay attention to the US non-farm payrolls data released today, unless it is not expected to cause US dollars. Once again, the gold fell sharply, and the gold rushed to the resistance zone three days before 1490, which caused the big opportunity to re-sell the selling and cause a downward trend.

Forex(外汇) - GBP/USD:
Sterling against the US dollar was in a horizontal arrangement in early trading yesterday. In the afternoon, the US dollar hit a new high, causing the pound to oscillate around the 1.2300 mark. Until the euro zone announced that the manufacturing data was better than expected, after the dollar correction, the pound was once able to break through the highest price of the day. In the evening, the Irish border market believed that it was not accepted by the EU, which caused the pound to fall back to the 1.2200 mark before the US dollar announced that the US ISM manufacturing index hit a 10-year low, and the US dollar plunged 60 points. Pound US surged from a low point to a high of 130 points. After midnight, it fell sharply under the small rebound of the US dollar. Then it stood back to the 1.2300 mark and oscillated around.
MT4 from the daily level line chart, a spindle line of the short-thin candlestick fell a hundred points back to step on the 1.2200 mark, was hit by the dollar rushing down the 5-day moving average blocked, short-term moving down or the average line turned flat, nearly 3 The day oscillated around the 1.2300 mark. Although there were multiple signals on the KD indicator, the pound would not return to the 1.2400 mark. The 20-day moving average would turn down and the pressure on the top of the cover might be adjusted again. Today, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will announce the contents of the Brexit Powers Act. If it is not approved by the European Union, it will not rule out that the British House of Commons will propose a postponement of the Brexit application. At that time, the US dollar will be shocked by the announcement of the two news, paying attention to the US small non-night The agricultural employment data caused the dollar to fluctuate, and the pound is not only the resistance zone, but also the big opportunity to face the downward trend again.

Forex(外汇) - USD/JPY:
USD/JPY was affected by the US dollar's new high price yesterday. In early trading, it fluctuated and fought for the high price before September 19. In the afternoon, the manufacturing data of the Eurozone was better than expected. Under the influence of the US dollar callback, it caused the US and Japan to adjust back. Until the border issue between Britain and Ailan rose again, pushing the US dollar to a new high, once again driving the US and Japan to the highest price of the day, after the US announced that the ISM manufacturing index hit a 10-year low in the evening, the US dollar and US stocks plunged, causing After the US and Japan gapped, they plunged 82 points. At midnight, they were in a shock consolidation trend, and they ended up falling.
From the daily level line chart of MT4, the long shadow hatchback was blocked by the US dollar and the 120-day moving average was blocked. After falling below the short moving average, the 20-day moving average was supported. The short-term moving average was flat or the average moving line was in the upward trend. After the high point of yesterday's high, 108 yen formed a short resistance, and the KD indicator showed a short-term speed. Today, it is still possible to step back on September 26 to support the rise of $107.5. After the recent increase in consumption tax in Japan, the yen will be affected in the short term. In the afternoon, it is necessary to pay attention to the Japanese household consumer confidence index, which will affect whether the Bank of Japan will cut interest rates in October, and the US small non-farm data will cause US dollar and US stocks in the evening. The violent shocks will cause the big opportunities to cause the US and Japan to follow the sharp rise and fall.

Forex(外汇) - Crude Oil:
Crude oil was opened higher by the US stock market yesterday. It was once in a small uptrend in the morning. It was down to the previous day's closing price after the market adjustment in the afternoon. Then the euro zone announced that the manufacturing data was better than expected, driving the oil price to rise sharply. Then it oscillated before the fall of the resistance zone in the previous day; after the US announced that the ISM manufacturing index hit a 10-year low, the US stock market plunged 400 points, and the oil price plummeted and fell below the previous day's lowest price. After midnight, the US Commentary on the hurricane will affect the supply and demand of crude oil, and the US market announced that API crude oil inventories were lower than market expectations on Wednesday morning, driving oil prices to the US$54 mark and ending down.
From the daily level line chart of MT4, a short black candlestick of a spindle line was hit by the US stock market crash, causing the oil price to fall back to around $53. The impact of the hurricane in the US and API stocks were lower than market expectations, driving the oil price rebound to $54, while the moving average In the short-selling arrangement, the short-term deviation from the KD indicator will lead to a rebound. Note that today's European stock market reacted to the sharp decline in US stocks. If the US small non-agricultural data released in the evening caused the US stocks to fluctuate sharply, the oil price will be adjusted back again, but the API crude oil inventories in the morning will be lower than market expectations, and the US EIA crude oil inventories will be large before the release of the US EIA crude oil inventories in the evening. It may lead to the expected buying of oil prices, and the short-term attention to the 5-day moving average at 55 US dollars to form a back pressure, may cause oil prices to be blocked.

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