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How picking Random Stock can affect Success P/L

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Hi folks.  While I continue to work out the finer details of Stock picking, I thought I'd share this finding which repeats every time I try it.  It's important to note that in this example it is not my goal to Win or Lose, but to observe Random results.  My Random Criteria is largely based upon picking stock in order as they appear from A-Z or Z-A or Most Popular that are moving  UP either by Large Points or Percentage.  While it is safe to assume that at some point from 2.30 you will either hit a Pullback, 2nd Breakout Or Reversal within the 1st hour or as early as the 1st 5 minutes.  The success or failure is based largely upon how long it takes to find and create a Watchlist before I enter a Trade, and also whether you can correctly predict either a continuation, or a reversal.   

However, to prove this point I've chosen either ALL Long or ALL Short (not exclusively) As my decision to go either Long or Short is Random, one might also expect the results to be Random, or maybe not!   Upon Inspection, it's clear to see that each grouping has proved that regardless of Long or Short, the outcome of each consecutive Trade is largely the same.  Taking a look at the example below we can see that even though my stocks were randomly picked, one after another, they have all either Won OR Lost consecutively.   

I'm still looking for a pattern or structure to the results, but it most likely comes down to Timing.   I'd appreciate any offering on the matter.


Random analysis.jpg

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