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  1. Sorry. Sports Direct :O
  2. 10.33. Something going on. Market not Open to Trade.
  3. Any thoughts on this today? The Auditor has Quit! Dropped a few points this morning already.
  4. I've had several similar issues on my PC where my Order was not present on the Chart, but was in Positions. I was not able to Close the trade on the chart, so had to open the Positions. I've had no answers to why this happens, but it's been suggested it's a problem my end and my Internet may be to blame; it's Not!
  5. Well, even though i got out early for -£30 it's clear I had my Stop in the obvious place for Stop Hunting. It's a cut and dry result surely? So the lesson is, Don't put your Stops in the obvious places....Or they WILL be Hunted.
  6. 1M to fine tune your in and out point. If it's been running for 1 hour I'll use 15m to get a feel of it. if it's been running all day I'll use 4h and 1h. If it's weekly I'll use Daily and 4h. But i'll always use 1m to place it.
  7. Yeah i reckon there's a good possibility . I think it was a Knee **** reaction to news.....So it could recover quite well. about 1k to be had if it does if you can afford the risk. Either way I'll keep an eye on it. that's me done for today I think. Missed my £100 win earlier on Russell 2000. Took a £4.50 hit now - £30 too. My loss limit for a day now is -£25 so I'm out.
  8. I got in for 0.24ppp with my biggest Stop ever of £100 see chart. Bottled it as it reversed to -£30 and got out. Let's see where it goes. Worst part is I was going to get in around £3500
  9. Banco Marco just dropped 40% because of Argentina Election. Was doing well before that. Could be a way in to go Long as it recovers to previous levels. What you reckon?
  10. Why don't we work a chart together and see what we both think and compare.? Maybe we're making the same mistakes?
  11. Not sure i agree with this. Having a Limit is the same as having a Stop!. Otherwise like you say, you'll end up thousands down. I went against my gut this morning. Russell 2000. Normally I'd ride it up and down. £80 to be had or more. Decided to go Long instead. I was up £20 at one point where I'd normally take profit then go long to ride it back up and down etc. Made nothing . Lost £4.50 haha.
  12. Unfortunately. I'm about to quit this. I've given myself a £200 loss limit. This equates to £1400 loss since March. (not a lot considering I've lost that in one day before trading cars) If i lose it, I've retired. As has been stated; it's the time of quitting where you need to stick with it, or the loss is all for naught. However, i will really need to take it back to page 1 and actually study this instead of simply punting if i want to continue in the future. Ignorantly, but not purposefully I've still not watched the entire Academy vids. This is surely addictive. One last time I'm going back to the Demo. I'm going to do what I thought gave me the best returns. Using my entire Margin and being sure about my turning points. Short stops, short runs. 2.1 PL. I have roughly 8 trades left in me at £25 per trade risk. If i lose £200 this next week, I'll be looking to return to study. If i make £200 I'll keep going. @dmedin I've not found them myself, but there are forums where trading ideas are shared openly. Maybe we need a fresh approach.
  13. I was anticipating the spike of the FTSe Yesterday. Went up in two stages. I marked where I would have placed at both points. At the end of the day, I'd have pocketed £200. So i figured, OK, I was right on those 2, I'll get on board. Now I figured, it was due a pull back after those 2 ups, but went against my gut to Follow The Trend. Went down lolololol. -£23. So now today, watching Uber and FTSE. Figured both going down. put them side by side and figured i'd go with Uber, but marked my short of the FTSE. Uber went up and cost me £13, and FTSE went south...would have pocekted £85 lololololololol. I can't win. Even when I'm right I'm wrong!
  14. How can that be the big players? The prices are different on different Time frames. :O i even refreshed it and it was the same. I had to close it down and bring it back up again. I'm being eaten alive thru Fear of Loss and Ignorance. Nothing new here.
  15. I obviously do when it comes to Sirius haha. But Pinterest is on the Move hopefully.