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  1. Why wouldn't it be? There must come a time Casey when what you've been posting for 18 months comes to a conclusion. the only Conclusion.? This is happening. People have been talking about it happening for decades. It's here! My only hope at this late stage is the the US the UK don't follow thru. we avoided the Euro as did the US with the American Union and the Amero. Maybe there's enough fight in them to resist this global regime change too.
  2. @Caseynotes If you haven't heard of or seen this Interveiw, take a look. This is a short 10min excerpt. Forget the Dogma of who why or what, just take a look. This is Aaron Russo-regardelss of Conspiracy Theories that he and many other like him have been killed with a Cancer Causing Ray Gun He mentions meeting the Rockefeller Grandson pre 9/11 and the plans for the World moving forward. Through further 'reasearch' we can see the many ways in which they plan to achieve their goal. One being a Pandemic, others being Domestic Terrorism, Food Shortages, Energy Crisis etc, Climate Change. All 'solutions' moving forward are purported to be 'For the Safety and Security of Mankind'. As far as I can see the first emergence of a Digital Slave race goes back to 1993.
  3. Ignorant ****. You have no ammo against me you twittering girl. Go paint your nails and ask mommy to braid your hair. You're not worth any more of my time. You're the type to feed his granny poison and **** the neighbours dog and blame immigration. You're a coward Troll. A regurgitating meme. You're not even a number. I couldn't even call you a fraction. Your words are meaningless just like your life. A pointless echo in vast space. No one likes you. The unpopular kid at school who cried every morning into his bitter sour milk soaked corn flakes. Probably own a cat who you talk to daily an go on adventures in the garden. Pathetic ****. Eat the news up you absolute Muppet. You need your energy for **** goats you un-original failing human being. The world is full of people like you. The masses. The sheep. The cattle. You have nothing to say. Nothing to offer. You bleat what you are told daily enforcing your world. Ignorant of all things. You're a faker. A nobody. You always have been. You always will be, and you know it every time you look in a mirror. Jog on now. Your utterings are worthless here. They probably are everywhere you go. Trolls look for interaction online because they have none outside of it. They look for a voice to reassure them they exist. You do not. This is the last energy I will give you, you dying ember in this vast cosmos. Dull, insignificant and benign.
  4. You are a total Richard lol. What a waste of space you are. Go play with your dolls you Troll!
  5. Finally. There it is. What I've been talking abot for 20 years is here. Maybe now i can get on with my life and Stop Spreading the News to people who A. Don't Give a ****. B. Think it's a great Idea anyway.
  6. unbelievable. Maybe this is why they lost the sub contract...
  7. India were also quick to protest that they didn't have a Delta variant breakout! They were silenced. As I said back in Jan 2020. Keep an eye on the 3rd world countries. They're up for grabs by the globalists. Giving up sovereignty and Land in exchange for Vaccines. But like Japan they claim there is no pandemic. We know the figures are all wrong because we know it's a plan. The facts can no longer be agued. What we're seeing is a blatant disregard for common sense. They know we know. Millions of people world wide out in protest with proof but they control themedia and the narrative. If we can't convince our friends and family what chance do we have? I just hope there aren't mass deaths within 6 months of being vaxx'd. A hell of a lot of people will go.
  8. Don't forget that in Dec 2018 50,000 died of Flu or Pn in UK alone!
  9. Well, I'm officially in the last 5 million people to Not be vaxx'ed according to the recent press report. (I may have mis-inderstood the actual number though). If they have those kinds of figures to hand why don't they already have a Digital Databse? It's like saying that out of 100 people 99 are vaxxed, but only 1 isn't so they need to implement a Passport System to protect the 99. It's insane!, but they're getting away with this Chinese Communist regime change. What the Actual Ferk!
  10. ....and Queue Biden just now. This is a Pandemic of the Unvaxxed. The Unvaxxed must get vaxxed to Protect the Vaxxed................... Digital Wallet was mentioned by Pelosi back in early 2020. Cashless, One Currency, Global Governance, Less People. It's a waste of **** time trying to tell anyone. It's nearly Bunker Time. Expect massive Food shortages, Riots, Martial Law, Interment Camps and massive Deaths that are so many they can't be counted or confirmed. Holy **** Christ on a bike.
  11. Your post is Spot on. I couldn't have written it any better myself. I started with IG back in March 2019 and boy did |i learn a lot about myself and my own Fear and Ignorance. I nailed the Demo daily using only 2k. I posted my wins on here a lot too but received a lot of criticism as it was The Demo and Not Real. I argued It Was Real. I traded as if it was real. the stock picks were real. But i was wrong, you can't comprehend the Real Emotion using Real Money and taking real Losses. I had £1400 to start to Learn to Trade. I made £400 in 6 months but ultimately lost 1800 too. Then i took a 6 month break from it all. I learned a lot, like you say, about myself! I've been trading with IG and Saxon. I use IG for Day Trading as the platform is quicker and easier to use, but: This week with IG I made a 30% gain with Geovax. It was up 70% but when it pulled back i got out. I made 290£ on it. But even though I've been trading for almost 3 years (18 months really) I didn't realise there were costs associated with Day Trading US shares in the UK. I've been Swing Trading for 12 months. I started Day Trading shares this week. Imagine how dumb and embarrased I was when I noticed that I lost the 290 profit from last week as I was placing so many in and out trades. There is a Currency Conversion cost and a 0.5% Spread in Share dealing! I thought it was FREE But here is my greatest learned experience. Stay Away from Illiquid Stocks if you want to Day Trade. I am around 80% correct on my Stock selection. All of them have gone in a big way, but my timing is Way Off. I've been holding some stocks for 6 months. The frustration has ruined me, not to mention the Daily activity I've missed out on as my Capital was tied up. These days i flick thru the Timeframes. All of them. When I see an opportunity to get in, first i need to decide how long I'm going to hold the position. Am I going to Swing OR Intraday. Knowing this is essential. I use MACD, RSI, EMA and VWAP, Pivot Points, then place based upon S/R lines. I'm usless at studying Fundamentals, know nothing abuot how the market moves really and choose my stocks based upon tomorrows news not todays. Basically I Specualte, which I guess is what it's all about. What will be Big Tomorrow. But Swing Trading is making me get in far too early and i still have a bad habit of buying at the Top. Though i may be correct in my stock picks almost 100% of the time where I Buy In is wrong. So up and down I got for weeks waiting to even Break Even again. I've done this so many times too where i get back out at my In price only for it to Break Out lol. So as I continue learning my New Improved Strategy is this: Whatever i think is going to happen, do the opposite. We'll see wha thte rest of this week brings.
  12. Yes. Thanks. I thought it best to start my own thread instead of hijacking this one. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks @ArvinIG Looks like I figured it all out in the end. Now I know why my account hasn't grown since I started Day Trading instead of Swing Trading. Given all my profits from last week away. They say it takes 3 years to learn to trade Effectively. I should have it nailed by the end of 21
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