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  1. ...to add to that remark though, it's almost impossible to follow the Gap and Go strategy with a small account. Even so, most of the small cap stocks are unavailable with Spread Betting. That's it really. Not rocket science. The limitations with IG and Spread Betting don't allow for larger success ratios using this strategy. Using Trade Ideas to pick out moving stocks proves little reward as almost 80% of them arean't tradable.
  2. Casey has no Idea what he's talking about. Gap and Go strategies are nothing different from any other trade. Just smaller Timeframe. Don't waste your breath trying to convince him. He doesn't even use the retail platform. If he trades at all it's Forex and Indicies on Mt4. Dschenk didn't stick to the Gap and Go principles. He often let his losers Run too far, but he consistently made profits. However, his strategy wasn't something that I thought could work in the long run. He would often risk 4-1, but his success was around 80%. What this often meant was he would make 8 good trades and take £20 on each but then let the last 2 run against him to remove all the profits he made. He seems to be doing OK now. Maybe he'll pop back in to clear up Caseys remarks.
  3. Hi, you need to consider the Spread also. If your Stop is within the Spread it might not be possible. For instance, if the Spread is 6pt (the difference between Buy and Sell price) then the order or Stop will Fill either side of your desired Stop depending on Long or Short position. I think. Edit: Are you Spread Betting or Buying Shares?
  4. Hi, thanks. I've a Short position which I placed on Friday @ 35.80 with a Stop Loss in place at 37p I've just managed to get thru to IG for the 1st time in 3 months, but I've been trying for 2 hours. I've been told my position is Safe and my Stop Loss is in place and it will activate should the position reverse.
  5. This still happens now. I've been complaining about it for over 12 months. I don't even get replies now! FCA need a call?
  6. You are not alone here. Did you get this sorted?
  7. Been on the phone all morning. Keep getting cut off.
  8. I've a Short Position with Sig Plc. The status has changed to 'Phone IG to Trade'. I can't get thru. Anyone tell me what has happened and what I can do about it? Keep calling? Thanks.
  9. I've quite abit of evidence proving it now. Still not contact from IG.
  10. I have suffered since joining IG in April 2019.
  11. I blew my small account today because of this. I simply didn't know what was happening on screen.
  12. I don't even know if it's worth putting this in here. Trading Hertz. I had a Stop at £4 going short. Regardless of spread etc. the Stop line Moved down. It's not a trailing stop. Chart data not updating in realitime. Volume missing. I have it recorded. I give up.
  13. I can't answer, but waiting for some myself. I've been trading this last week. doubled my small account going Long, then Left a Short position open over the weekend. It's just spiked and wiped my account out almost completely. Now I can't short it. Typical.