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  1. I've not been trading this week as I'm still with Flu, but that's certainly something I'd like to. Risking 2 to make 6 is a good ratio. Explain your In and Out to me? Looking at it on the 5M I'd assume 2 options here. One would be In at 1st Green Candle at 17 mark with a Stop at 16 if possible. Then I'd let it ride till 22.6 where I'd get out seeing that long Red. Of course it kept going but there's no way I'd risk it. That would look a lot more severe on the 1M. 2nd I'd wait till it broke a New High at around 19 with a stop at 18. Same Limit again if I saw that Red Candle.
  2. Hi, I've been seeing this all week. Seems random. Refreshing doesn't always work. Are there any issues with the Demo? Thanks.
  3. Hi. Anyone have an insight on the UK Banks? I've a few shares tucked away with Lloyds. They've done very little since 2007. It's fair to say compared to what they were in 2006, they're worthless now in comparison. I'm concerned about the Brexit Spin and the recent Spike. If it's big in the news and the whole world can read it then i generally don't trust it. Therefore I'm guessing this is a Fake Spike before it drops to new low's but I'm not rigid on this belief. Interested to hear any thoughts on it before I decide to sell, or leave them to fail even further.
  4. Some amazing potential today in the UK. Hope you guys made some progress. Not for me, it's too early lol.
  5. The trade I showed earlier is still running. I'd have got out at £40 as my STOP at the time was only -£20 for a 1:2 P/L. But for the exercise and the previous wins, I left it. At one point it was back down to only +£5 and thought it was going to hit the Stop Loss at Zero, but it's gone back down to +£65 or so now. I think at this point again i would Get Out but I'll leave it and see where it goes. I'm expecting it to hit 1150.
  6. Why not meet me on the Demo if you have the time? What I mean is, do what I am doing. 2.30 each day. Rattle down the US list and find say 5 that look decent. Gotta be quick and have it done within 5 mins or you'll miss it. It would be interesting to see what we each find and how we trade it. 1k account size, but can have 5 trades running if you wish. Personally I stick to 3. No harm in it. Make a note of Stop distance and P/L ratio. Cool if not. Asked @dmedin too but not his bag unless you'd like to give it ago too?
  7. @DSchenk i figured i'd put share ideas on here instead of your FTSE thread. Bed Bath and Beyond just keeps giving today. Another £40 bagged so far today up £273 with 1k account. My total now is + £520 since I've tried to grow from 1k using Breakouts on the Demo. All in 3 days trading or more specifically, 3 hours. Not bad so far
  8. Just pulled another 91 going short on Bed Beyond. Having a bath now.
  9. oh good luck with it pal. wiped me out. Still recovering. However, here's some for today. Each with a 1k account. From left, £20 Stop, £50 Stop, £19. The one on the right already failed at -£19. I'll let the others run and adjust Stop to zero cost. Edit, Looked like they peaked so got out for +£162 -£19 =+£143
  10. Yes, thhis is my point, not compared to the FTSE, but compared to your Search Criteria. There are many many other stocks available to trade. I missed today and yesterday. Had Flu for 2 weeks i think. Foggy. Back to it tomorrow.
  11. Cracked open the Piggy Bank for more pennies? ha. Hope your hols were productive. I wanted to quickly point something out to you re; your Scanner and settings etc. Take a look at Apple today. Only moved 1%, but that equates to about 250 points from 9am with half of that in the 1st few mins. @ £0.50pp minimum. You see the same rules don't apply with SB, so your search criteria is limiting your potential. Do you see what I'm getting at?
  12. First let me be clear in saying, I'm not a Trump fan, but neither am I not. On the surface we focus on Figure Heads i.e Scapegoats to the Machine. Individuals that we can blame for success or failure. It would be naive to assume these single individuals control it all. Maybe look to the money that controls the country and not it's 'Leaders'. The world is an intricate business and the Private Banking Cartel are running the show. They fabricate wars for profit and arm both sides of the conflict. Then when it's over, offer Democracy and a Centralised Bank at the heart of the new nation. Sure, they want the oil, but it's the territory and it's workforce they want the most. Global Slave Culture. Tell me Trend, you've heard of the Euro of course. Have you ever heard of the Amero? It's actually Old News now and not sure where it might fit into today's climate.
  13. I lack the vocab to put it all into words here, but a New Gold Standard is on the cards I reckon. Some believe this is the reason for Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and soon to be Iran, with Russia, China, Pakistan etc. all wanting a Gold standard of Trade. China been buying it up by the boat load. They've been harvesting all old tech for Gold for over 30 years. All challenge the USD. It's coming to an end. We believe what we choose to, or have no choice to. Personally I see Gold returning, but Crypto to control the wealth. We are truly entering a New Era of financial governance. scary times ahead. We will all have RFID implants before 2050, maybe even sooner. Unless something happens to stop it. So far, nothing has. It's been talked about since the 80's. A cashless society. So far what has been suggested has all come to pass, but Trump seems to have thrown a spanner in the works. I really can't see his end game. The entire world is in debt. There's no way at all it can be repaid. Private companies control a nations wealth thru Debt. Your national Insurance number is basically a Debt Guarantee. We are Capital that allows the Gov to borrow. There's more to this than recession. We facing a paradigm shift in control.