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  1. Just popped back. casey we've had our disagreements in the past but why the **** are you wasting your time with this **** moron? H'es **** retraded repeating and bleating the same old shite. Ignore the daft ****!
  2. 16.02. I'm back on. Account intact....
  3. 15.15 and still can't load the page. I hope I still have an account to left to trade.
  4. I've lost money in the past thru platform Lag and accidentally Moving Stops or Limits because of it. Very difficult to prove however.
  5. I've tried several of the UK platforms and to be Fair to IG I find the Order Execution and Platform the easiest and quickest to use, but only if you're Spread Betting. It's not very User Friendly if you're a Day Trader Buying and Selling Shares. On another note, I've have few problems over several months now, but I no longer Spread Bet either. I prefer to Buy and Hold or Swing Trade. Maybe my less frequent Scalping habits means I don't suffer the usual problems I've had for 2 years. I don't know. What I do know, as I've stated, is that when I can claim I've placed over 200 Trades la
  6. I've had this many times over a 2 year period.
  7. I can't even log in never mind log out. I can't access the site at all. It simply won't load.
  8. I'm not back up. Still can't Log In or access charts.
  9. I am a Day Trader/Swing Trader. I rely on Market Open and Volatility. I've placed over 200 trades in the last month, but now I don't know if I'm up or down. I literally need the ability to Open and Close in Quick Succession or Dump if necessary.
  10. IG status now reporting Platform Log in Degraded Performance. Investigating.
  11. @CharlotteIG Apologies, this is the full message. Account not supported Sorry, this account type is not yet available on this platform. Please switch to your spread bet account.
  12. Now a message in the middle of the screen saying 'This account is not supported'. I've been having this problem for several months, but not every day. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Charlotte. I've been on all day. Since 2.30 it won't load. Just an IG icon in th emiddle of the page.
  14. Hi. are we having the same problems today? The site won't load.
  15. Are you all aware of the effort required to search thru an Individuals History of posts to Highlight and re-post in a manner that can only be seen as to undermine, ridicule and sabotage. @Caseynotes what the actual **** are you playing at you utter sychophant! are you for real pal? Seriously? there is something very definitly wrong with you pal.!!!! You need sectioned!
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