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  1. Yeah, it was a slow process for me. I obviously placed my Stops at the Obvious places with not enough room to stay out of reach of the Hunters. But In hindsight it was always my problem as we've discussed; Anticipating the Breakout or Reversal, Instead of making sure and placing afterwards. This meant my Stop were always further away than I wanted so the Risk Reward was large. Only £600 down. Lesson learned on that one. Is anyone watching RPS Group? I've only noticed it at 12pm
  2. Hunting Stops. Yeah, I've witnessed that a few times There's my first -£200 back in march lol.
  3. I'll check em out.but to be honest...........I win a lot....On the Demo
  4. I see.....Reversal? Change of direction? My knowledge is literally Candles up and down lol. But maybe you have revealed something in my strategy that i was or wasn't aware of. Yes, i always look for these turns either up or down. I always anticipate it. Yes, you're right, this is why I have a tight Stop Loss at the Top or Bottom of the' Reversal'. Makes sense even to me now. I'm not a Trend Follower. I literally look for opportunities for Reversals. Now I know what it's called S/R zones?? Don't know lol :O But like I've proven on the Demo (Fear aside) I can make this work, very easily, 80% of the time. What I can't do is handle the real world potential for huge losses. hence, smaller account size. I'll keep going. still got the Academy to get thru.
  5. @dmedin I'm not giving up. I'm just not using 2k. £550 is now my limit till I double it. If I double it I'll add more to the account. Come on....We can crack this
  6. I lost a lot of hours when I first started doing this. I'd be stuck for hours so I didn't lose £5 only to lose it anyway. lol
  7. Sorry if I've not been clear again. Found this set up at 4pm when it had already happened. Based upon it's previous moves since the beginning of May and news last month, I figured a long down trend that may actually be reversing. However, my point about anticipating a drop was from 4pm; the point when I discovered the chart. I hesitated as it reached the top of the previous resistance level, and as it turned slightly, I waited further. Then I simply decided to let it prove itself and took my finger off the button. At this point it was around 4.15. I went outside and come back in at 4.32 (market close) to see it had indeed dropped, and calculated a potential return of £70 @ £2 per point if I had the **** to place it.
  8. @Caseynotes I'll be quite honest here. I don't even know how to use MACD, or most other indicators for that matter. I simply look down the shares list for anything under £20, has moved 5% and has a minimum of 50pts moved, then look to the chart, notice the volume and whatever the red green histogram is.......I only saw that at 4pm, literally at the point I posted it and anticipated the drop, which it did, but I lost my nerve even after it turned. I'm cool with still being £550 for today. At least it's not a loss.
  9. Ironically, FOLO got me today. Even with a £550 account size. I didn't place the Bet. Just missed out on £70 quid lol. You see. I can spot them. but now I don't suffer FOMO, just FOLO ****
  10. Hi, figured I'd give you all an update. I posted here last night but hadn't logged in so lost in the Guest ether I suppose. The Fear well and truly has me. I've decided to pull most of my funds out leaving only £550. I simply must get this under control. I'll shoot back and forth to the Demo, but wean off the Demo entirely eventually. If i don't see a return on this £550 then I'll need a serious rethink about my Future as a Day Trader. Feel better already. Wold love to hear from you all regarding the chart below. This is a typical chart I would anticipate a drop soon as it reaches Resistance. Share price been dropping a lot and recent news suggests even more to come. What do you all see? As you mentioned earlier @Caseynotes, I have now lost my Trust of what I'm doing.
  11. It was OK, I stopped it out at -£2.50, but I think the weekend charges are £13 lol, just checking thru the statement now :O
  12. Thaks Casey, but this was just a Test to get Live again. I've never left a Live trade open over a weekend before. Worried it'll spike up ten million points and wipe me out. It's not a Guaranteed stop. What will happend it it was to open 100 points in either direction of my Limit or Stop?
  13. Yeah, i know it doesn't move. I'm worried that it opens 200 points higher than my stop. what happens then? :O