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  1. Hi, thank you for you reply. I thought I came back here to asnwer my own question shortly after i posted it. Somehow 'P' brought it all back. It's something I've experienced a few times over 2.5 years but never actually realised that pressing 'P' removes them. Clearly my mistake. Thanks again.
  2. Oh, and if you haven't considered it already, Bitcoin and Crypto will completely collapse and become regulated. It will either be driven underground resulting in a 2 tier economy with dark assets and civil terrorism to blame, or completely destroyed by the Central Banks. Retail Trading will Cease and will all private Capital siezed including property and Gold. Either way we'll know for sure where we're headed by 2023!
  3. Hi again. Opening the Gateway for Digital ID'.s Yes, the plan is a Cashless Society. One Global Order and One Global Currency. As well as Less people. The idea of this is most likely over 100 years old. The plan to claim the world by the private centralised banks. There are seveal theories to consider all of which can be seen as we see this tale tale unfold. The Kalergi plan. Georgia Guide Stones. The Euro, The Amero and the other 2 failed attempts to centralise the economy. 2008 Global Collapse and the Emergence of Bitcoin. The RFID Agenda. Even befoer Convid, in the UK the Labor Party had plans to Introduce a Track and Trace RFID system to monitor Immigrants. So far only the Tory party has been against it, but the Politicians are only puppets to the masters behind the throne. Within the next 10 years, expect the global economy to go Digital but Gold Backed. The Power will Shift to Socialist/Communist Order. 3rd world counrties will be hit the hardest with mass deaths from Povery OR Rare Blood Clot disorder and Infertility. Money and the flow of it control the world. Fiat Currency and Debt. All 3rd world counrties rich with resources will be taken over or toppled to install Centralised Banking. The Un's Private Global Army of PeaceKeepers. When you undertand the simplistic nature of human beings, it's not very difficult to see that most people want to be ruled and the others want to rule. It really shouldn't take any more discussion that the entire globe has been locked down because of a virus. There is always a virus. There will always be a virus, especially as they're all coming out of China. It should be blindingly obvious that Children or young adults were supposeldy somehow Immune to the Virus, but what most people don't realise is the Lwas in place that prevented and Experimental Testing on minors. Those laws have since been changed during the Pandemic. Yet Illness or fatality in this group was almost Zero!. Strange that a virus so deadly only attackes person of a certain age. People are **** dumb cattle. They desever to be slaughtered. Though it may not be their fault; the ignorance to fear, they certainly are to blame for the cascading nonsense of our daily lives. **** it. Nuke it from Orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  4. It's too hard to refute. I would once argue that we're fighting the system. Of course, by default it is the system, but the systemic effect on the populace at large. Que's of people lining up for the jab wearing masks. They blindly believe the Tv, the News, The Gov. At the heart of it all is a Belief System. Some belive that above, where others belive the opposite. The world is a corrupt business and the business is Slavery. We're not so much fighting the system as the person next to us. If we can't convince our friends and family then we've got no chance at all.
  5. ...forgot to add. Women won't be able to get pregnant. Evidenced within the next 10 years. Hey, maybe I'm wrong and this will all go away.
  6. It's good to see you're still going @Caseynotes you've done a remarkable job though i think your talent and passion is wasted on an IG forum. Have you considered a YT channel instead? While I'm fully aware of the corruption and plan of this pandemic (I've been talking about this stuff for nearly 20 year) I'm no longer sure of who or what organisation is behind it. The key points to note are these: Cashless Society. Global Union of People. Less people. How they get us to this is a matter of course and time. I/we, expected the Pandemic to hit the news in summer 2019. I expected it as the information was already being posted on the internet. In the UK alone in December 2018 an extra 50,000 people died of Flu on Pn related symptoms. The Trade War between Trump and China and battle for the Mid East resources etc. all leading to one imminant point. Global Regime change. 3rd wolrd countries are up for grabs by the Globalists. South america, Africa and Asia.........Centre stage for Land Grab and Population control. I'm going to assume you're aware of the Euro? Of course you are, but are you also aware of the Amero and the Asian Counterpart? Attempts to unite currency and borders. Banks pushing for Digital Currency well before 2008 and Bitcoin. Punters think they're creating a capital loophole to free themselves from banking, not realising it's their plan after all. We're voting in our Digital Enslavement. There are so many narratives to follow it's hard to keep up. Do you remember some of my posts over the last 2 years? I talked of the market coming down? The Great Reset? The World Economic Forum? Though it hasn't happened yet i talked about an End to retail Trading. Our days may be numbered. with Meme stocks and the like as well as access to App Trading the Retailers have upset the market. It will be our undoing. Stocks to watch. Realnetworks-SAFR Fluidigm-Microfluidic chips Geovax-All in one vaccine. I retired from 'Theories' back in 2014 as it was Futile. Everything I used to talk about and post on FB etc is now here. RFID systems and Cashless society.
  7. Hi, all of my open positions over 10 stocks aer not showing on the chart. They are showing in my Positions window but I can't Ammend or Close from the chart as they aren't there. On any of them!
  8. Just popped back. casey we've had our disagreements in the past but why the **** are you wasting your time with this **** moron? H'es **** retraded repeating and bleating the same old shite. Ignore the daft ****!
  9. 16.02. I'm back on. Account intact....
  10. 15.15 and still can't load the page. I hope I still have an account to left to trade.
  11. I've lost money in the past thru platform Lag and accidentally Moving Stops or Limits because of it. Very difficult to prove however.
  12. I've tried several of the UK platforms and to be Fair to IG I find the Order Execution and Platform the easiest and quickest to use, but only if you're Spread Betting. It's not very User Friendly if you're a Day Trader Buying and Selling Shares. On another note, I've have few problems over several months now, but I no longer Spread Bet either. I prefer to Buy and Hold or Swing Trade. Maybe my less frequent Scalping habits means I don't suffer the usual problems I've had for 2 years. I don't know. What I do know, as I've stated, is that when I can claim I've placed over 200 Trades last month it has been stable. If fact I don;t mind admitting it's the best it has been for a very long time, but there was a recent update or two.
  13. I've had this many times over a 2 year period.
  14. I can't even log in never mind log out. I can't access the site at all. It simply won't load.
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