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Lloyds Ordinary Shares.


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Hi.  Anyone have an insight on the UK Banks?  I've a few shares tucked away with Lloyds.  They've done very little since 2007.   It's fair to say compared to what they were in 2006, they're worthless now in comparison.

I'm concerned about the Brexit Spin and the recent Spike.  If it's big in the news and the whole world can read it then i generally don't trust it.  Therefore I'm guessing this is a Fake Spike before it drops to new low's but I'm not rigid on this belief.

Interested to hear any thoughts on it before I decide to sell, or leave them to fail even further.

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    • Exactly This !! Chris Sky, right then and now. All adds up to enforced Chinafication.     Meanwhile, The very strict mask mandate in Germany is clearly ... err ... not working.       And of course ... Triple vaxed doctor gets Covid, passes it to another triple vaxed doctor. Solution: more boosters and keep banning those unvaccinated super spreaders from society. Two Israeli doctors infected with Omicron, hospital says | Reuters   And 1 sane politician.  
    • it's all in the thread, shame you never read it before jumping in with your opinion of it, it would save a lot of your time and confusion.
    • "Your" backstory, from "your research".....  
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