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Depression is inevitable, are you ready for it?

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There are arguments back and forth as to whether we are heading into depression or hyper inflation.  I can find few who now believe in the Central Banker coolade approach and yet the stock markets keep on rising.  Ride it while you can by all means but what happens when the music stops?


There are plenty of arguments about helicopter money being the next big push and this is what the hyper inflation proponents are pointing to.  But to paraphrase Battle-star Galactica, "all this has happen before, and it will happen again".


Check out this short article on zerohedge for a critique of the Bernanke led Keynesianistas




As an aside there are plenty of doom monger financial advisor types who want to tell you what investments will work in financial Armageddon.  For me the only sensible approach is to convert everything to cash and buy gold and short on spreadbetting accounts.

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