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I thought I would pull back to daily/weekly charts as that would be easier to get good at (since you will tend to have looser stops and so on).  Then I started looking at hourly charts, and I had a strong feeling that you get an advantage from a timing perspective and you also avoid holding on to positions that get you shafted when the market gaps up/down the next day.  Tight stops mean you get closed out very quickly, but it limits your losses IF you resist the temptation to keep re-entering the trade.

So many perspectives, indicators.  I actually feel overwhelmed and overstimulated to the point of burn out and depression.

Just buy and hold, and take up knitting?

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Yes ... buying and holding is only for when you spread out your investments ('diversify').

I guess there is no way around it, will have to use a combination of longer- and shorter-term charts.

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    • yes stops are a different story, though I might use prior swing levels for targets I prefer stops to be closer to the entry but appreciate their are many schools of thought. Some like very wide stops because getting direction right is easier than getting the exact entry place right so a wide stop provides leeway. I prefer to just get out early if price turns against and just keep looking, sometimes it takes a couple of bites before getting it right. Probably depends on how much time you have to keep watching the chart.
    • I tried fundamental analysis for years and its was pointless from a trading perspective (well for me anyway). long term investment sure . It takes ages and market just doesn't do what it says on the tin.  I see that many pro traders just focus on a few stocks for their whole career, maybe that's the way to go. Hard to know  Although it seems that everything is equally difficult. I never try FX as I know diddlysquat about that.     I have given up reading books, sick to death of those cherry picked charts and all the fluff like "trade at the start of trend" How the *** are you supposed to know with any degree confidence  that a trend is starting ? The $64,000 question which they all skip over.  Also the other usual  one is that "markets only trend of 20% of time". I could never understand that. Change the time frame and you can find trends  everywhere. 
    • Ha yes, yesterday's S&P candle looks a bit different from when I last looked last night. Dow bull flag on yesterday's high. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1 charts;