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Trumps new budget for 2021

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Have just read Trump's proposed 2021 proposed budget. Is it me, or is it imaginative (as in fiction), or probable, as in cut cut spend, cut, cut, spend on my friends? Either way it is more political wish list than likely scenario, I fear. I refer , of course to the principle assumption; the US economy will continue to grow at a steady heady 3% well into the decade. Assuming everything continues on as it has done....... I have been waiting for a market correction for the past 6 months, based on experience of the cyclical nature of markets. I have been proved incorrect and have experienced some financial pain sticking to said premise (called the Dow @28350).  However, assuming there will be no change to the ever expanding nature of the US economy brings me back to my first financial teacher, who's mantra is "assume nothing".  Life has a tendency to kick one in the most personals when one least expects it and expecting the  US economy to relentlessly kick-on at 3% is great expectation indeed.  Or am I somehow wrong again? If China can robotically grow GDP @7-8% pa then why not the US @ 3%? But  China is having a nasty surprise with the arrival of the Coronavirus. Naturally, US will not be affected much.....See, the problem with assumptions....

Just the same, I am sure many of the Presidents fans and backers view the proposed budget as great facts waiting to happen. And not the comic it may look like to others. Twixt the two reality maybe? Or ne'er the twain shall meet?

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My My, what a difference in 18 days.... Dow has tanked currently 24945. All because of a factor not included in most calculations, the F factor or the random event not usually considered. In this case Coronavirus, which President Trump insists will miraculously go away in the spring. Either he knows something we don't (probably) or he is optimistic in the extreme.  In it's 7th straight negative trading day it would appear the markets feel differently. Looks like interest rates are about to come down again. Commodities are being savaged, especially oil and gasoline. As for equity.... retracing back to levels July 2019, chasing December 2018  base levels of 22000 where it may stop. So far we have seen a correction(necessary in my view) of the melt up of  Jan-Feb 2020.  It is not a time for panic, but a time to wait , watch and take the new opportunities.  Have just traded out of my position on the DOW for a face saving profit. Hero to zero and back to hero again... had to endure a winter of humiliation on account of it. But stuck to my guns and gut instinct (backed up with cyclical data) and feel relief. 


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    • Dear @espiral, Thank you for your response. Please note that we cannot offer this stock on leveraged accounts and it is only available for non-leveraged accounts. This is because of the higher broker margin which would need to be transferred to the clients. Thanks, KoketsoIG
    • Hi, Now ORA is not available with leverage on the platform.
    • Hi Philo, Keep up the great analysis Been watching and waiting for weeks This next chart is the US 10 yr Yld composite cycle Index - I stopped updating it in 2017, as I'm not interested in Int rates, I might at some point update it to show the next topping of the big cycle but that's decades away - Anyone living in the land of "low rates are here to stay" need to wake up, as over the next few decades rates are going to rise and rise and rise (definitely into double digits) If you are macro based and use Int rates in your analysis, then try to picture the forward projected large BLUE and PINK cycles To give you some scales to the chart - the FAR LEFT is the early 1960's, the PEAK in 1981/2 and the start of the blue flat lining line is 2017 Anyway, over the next few decades you will see a steady gradual rise as the Yld is forced upwards by those cycles THT
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