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    Thunder in lumber

    Still a significant rebound! Real significant. Almost reactive. Still rocking up, suspect overly so. Enjoy your evening. Am off to annoy the wife 😶
  2. 786Trader

    Lumber rocks.....

    It's not often a market swings like Lumber has over the last 5 days. Certainly not slumber in Lumber, more WTF are you joking??? OK so 3.3% increase in spending on DIY and construction materials equates to price rises 3+% in a day of frenzy! But this has been more a very long weekend of frenzy and Lumber lunacy. Naturally one of my accounts has been caught in it (wrong side) and is looking at demolishing over a months worth of profits. All very sobering. My bias has been that Lumber should stay reasonably priced during a general slowdown, or economic pause. $38000 aprox for the price point. Just goes to prove that anything can happen. Plus a buying frenzy is something to behold. Expect others managed to profit. Well done and have a beer on me.
  3. 786Trader

    WTI hits the rocks..but for how long?

    Thanks Casey. Still trying to balance, or is that juggle opposing opinions and data streams. Really appreciate the info, some reinforces and other casts doubt.......... Good luck to you, ()tempered with good judgement).
  4. 786Trader

    Thunder in lumber

    My my what is going on with Lumber? + $2500 + since Friday morning. A near 5% positive swing. The why naturally is not so obvious. Are people building more? Not according to the latest numbers. Are more papers being printed? Nope. Was Lumber that under valued? Errr nope, but obviously yes??!!. I am used to Oil being volatile but wood? These are crazy loopy swings and someone is working it well. Also presents a selling op. As rises like this are unnatural, it's bonkers with blueberry cream on top! Anyone else noticed this?
  5. 786Trader

    WTI hits the rocks..but for how long?

    Thanks for the info Casey. As usual differing arguments. Oil was battered on Friday, but is recovering. Demand outlook may be downgraded, but not by much. Also oil is still at fair price. Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Saudi on steriods plus the ever calm Russians and Trump, are rarely anything but volatile. Oil is political. Price will rise some more. that's the position according to my reckoning.
  6. Have been quietly going long on oil and have loved the volatility. However, WTI has paused for a breather since Monday and has gone off sideways. This has surprised me a little as Brent has not followed quite the same path. OK so stocks of WTI are larger than expected, but Heating, Diesel and Gasoline are not and the net imports are still 1.6 million or so. Point being there is still significant demand, but not for WTI. All this has caused a bit of head scratching and further research. So maybe it's just speculation combined with politics. Either way a reversal was due, but for how long? Markets are otherwise in pretty good shape and seemingly Bullish. We shall see. Am holding on to a long position for now as I took profits on Monday.